Are we even have any human sensitivitiy left in us? Is it that all we proclaim of islam all the time just a mask to show off and cash on name of sentiments? Are we just a bunch of selfish self obssesd self absorved and self destructing nation?? or is there anything else too in us ?? well there maybe something good in there too but lets not go there for time being. Because our sins and mistakes are so grave that it will take us ages to clear our past. We call ourselves sons of soil. How many time have we given sacrifice for the soil?? including me we hardly even got a scratch on the name of this country or nation. But dont we need to give something back? are we even so shameless now that we dont even see the pain and trouble of an old woman selling newspaper daily on a bicycle in lahore. Or are we so dishuman that we going on shopping sprees on our distant cousins marraige and spend so much obscene amount of money from which maybe a poor girl can get married.
Are we so blind we cant hear the cries of the mother whose 14 year old girl was raped and murdered and the killers still on loose. Are we stronger then God that if a poor employe asks for his due wages we rape the poor man’s wife and disrobe him of the only thing he had i.e respect. And are we so so unpatriotic and dumb minded that an american kills on our soil and dont even fear the land of law. Why because his govt will save him? or our system is full of flaws? no not at all . Its only because we the people are dead.We are living corpses. We can just eat drink spend nd sleep . We cant think or feel the pain , the suffering or the attachment of human souls. Even dogs are treated better by the people in west then our own race treat there own here .What is it all?? Isnt it all just a pathetic picture of our own self ? from which we have been in denial and keep trying to bury it under the table. When will we stand up? when will we feel then pain? only when an american would kill our own brother? Only when we lose our legs in a bomb blast? only when will we take revenge if our own wife is abused? only when will we feel agrevated if we are robbed down the street? what religion culture or race do we belong to? I dnt thnk we belong to any religion. I dnt thnk we belong to any human race. I wnt call us animals . Because they too have there pride and prestige in there own tribes. Dnt know what we are. Perhaps my vocablury is limited i may assume. If we cant see and stand up for an innocent girl. If we cant help a poor lady who daily just eat bread and tea. if we cant take pride in the law we have. If we cant stand up against the oppreser now then when will we? Cant we see a young bride taking up his own life after his husband’s was taken by the american? Still we dont wana stand up ? then when will we? If the riots and change can come in Tunisia after the suicide of a young man who could not find a job and was barred from selling fruit without a permit then why cant it happen here after so many deaths and killings. If a facebook page in egypt can gather a mass of 40000 where even internet has restrictions we cant we just gather 40 people? if we have an akcent performance it makes a lot of crowd to get at one place why cant the death of 3 persons can? its time we all ask question to ourselves do we want it know or do we want to wait till we bleed.

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