How to add blogger Sitemap to Google drive traffic

By this tutorial you will teach that how you verify and submit Blogger Sitemap in Google and drive traffic.  This tutorial is very knowledgeable for readers and new blog owners. I present some opinions and ideas to the beginners about this important procedure.  I think the procedures of manually to add Blogger Sitemap to Google is very profitable. This will prove powerful indexing system for your blogger blog in Google timely and quickly and also your URL will be accessed. You can update your new contents if your all pages indexed, I hope your blogger traffic would be increased quickly.  Now follow the step by step instructions and tips how to verify and include Sitemap to Google and get more benefit from it especially as a beginner. Now I will discuss following  two points

1.   Verified by Meta tag
2.    Insert Blogger Sitemap

1.    Verified by Meta tag

If you have Google account goes to URL  after that enter full URL address of your Blogger blog for example URL of my blog  is and replace your own blogger url and now press "Add Site" button. After that you will be given four options but you have not access to the server on Blogger blog you will need to choose the option “Add a meta tag to your site's home page”. Now choose verification method select the Meta tag follow the picture is given below:

Now chose the above code  through the command (Ctr+C) copy the  code  and then sign  in your Blogger Blog and go to  Layout menu follow the “Edit HTML” now press command (Ctr+V) in the  "Head" section and paste the above code before this code line  <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/> with carefully. Formerly you have positioned the correct spot  and then click on the "Save Template" button to update your Blogger Blog. To avoid any mistakes you might consider backing up your template at any place of your Computer.

After pasting the above code shown in the picture and now return back to Webmastertools and click on the “Verify button" under the page in the “Dashboard> " "Verify a Site” and now you will be confirmed that your Blogger blog has been verified by Google.

2.    Insert Blogger Sitemap

When your Blogger Blog has been verified by Google Webmastertools and then you will be Submit Blogger Sitemap. Now you are ready to make your Sitemap Ok no problem this is very simple procedure your  Blogspot Blog Sitemap will be atom.xml or rss.xml. When you join URL of your Blogger Blog  look like following lines.

1.    http://URL of your blogger blog /atom.xml
2.    http://URL of your blogger blog /rss.xml

Now you have made your Blogger Sitemap and click on “Submit a Sitemap” after that type your Blogger Sitemap address and click “ Submit Sitemap”. You are fine now, after that Google will show a message representative that your Blogger Sitemap submission is still waiting it can take a few hours to be completely updated by Google. For more information follow the picture is given below:

If you are forwarding your feed as you are applying Feedburner. You will require adding a query parameter to avoid the redirect thus that it will lead as a sitemap. Consequently as a substitute of count atom.xml you will require to put in atom.xml?redirect=false to the site URL in the "Submit Sitmap" Therefore look this URL address of Sitemap will become But you have more contents it would be attraction as adding the following parameter to have all your contents built-in: atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=100.  Now see the above will guide to first 100 contents. If you have more than 100 contents you can make one more sitemap in which case you would set up your index at 101. I hope you like this article and to see this procedure you will validate your bog at Google Webmastertools and to include Sitemap for best crawling and indexing of your Blogger  Blog.

In view of the above procedure, I  hope this is very useful for new blog owners and other friends  who want to submit blogger Sitemap to Google and quickly drive traffic easily, if you like it please leave your comments.

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