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British Council honours Pakistanis graduating from the UK

British Council honours Pakistanis graduating from the UK by MUFTPAKISTAN
The British Council held a celebratory ceremony in Islamabad for Pakistani students who completed their studies in the UK but were unable to attend their graduation ceremonies.
Organised with the support of the British High Commission, the ceremony  honoured over 200 of the many thousand Pakistanis who have graduated from UK universities and encourage the brightest and the best Pakistani students to study in the UK.
Pakistan and the UK enjoy strong social, economic and cultural ties rooted in years of a shared history. As a result, the UK remains a favourite destination for Pakistanis seeking educational opportunities abroad. However, many Pakistani students who return from the UK express disappointment at having missed out on their graduation ceremonies. Yesterday's event in Islamabad is the first of a series of three events providing an opportunity for alumni from UK universities to relive their graduation moments and to celebrate their academic achievements with their loved ones.
Alumni received certificates of achievement from the British Deputy High Commissioner, Alison Blake.
Speaking ahead of the event, appreciating the contributions of Pakistan’s UK alumni, Alison Blake said:
The thousands of Pakistani graduates from UK universities embody the strong and lasting connections between our two countries. These are remarkable individuals who are working towards building a brighter, better future for Pakistan and we are proud of their achievements.”
Since a very large number of Pakistanis go to the UK each year for education, there is a big alumni presence in the country which the British Council was keen to work with.
Commenting on their work in this area, British Council Country Director, David Martin said:
To organise this alumni and assist them in networking with each other, the British Council has established the British Alumni Association of Pakistan (BAAP). The organisation has four provincial chapters and many other smaller sub-chapters across the country. I encourage all graduates of UK universities to join their local chapters.”
The ceremony included a panel of distinguished guest speakers with a wide range of professional achievements to their credit. Notable names include Pakistan’s foremost nuclear physicist Dr. Samar Mubarkmand, leading journalist Dr. Moeed Pirzada and politician Shah Mehmood Qureishi.
This is the first time that such event has been held in Pakistan to honour and acknowledge the academic achievement of UK graduates. Similar events will be held in Karachi and Lahore later this month to honour the UK alumni across Pakistan.
The British Council, in collaboration with British High Commission, is committed to supporting higher education in Pakistan. Each year, the British Council administers a number of scholarships like Chevening, Charles Wallace fellowships and Commonwealth scholarships. Under Chevening Scholarships programme alone, over £550,000 was spent to send 23 Pakistani scholars to the UK last year in September for a one year postgraduate degree programme. The scholarships allow Pakistani students the chance to benefit from the UK’s tradition of academic excellence and make productive contributions to their society back home.

Further information

British Council

We are the United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations and are represented in more than 100 countries worldwide. Founded in 1934, we have been operating for over 75 years. In Pakistan, we are active since 1948.
We create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide. We work in the arts, English, education and society - including science and sport - and through this contribute to the security and prosperity of the UK and over 100 other countries where we work. We call this, cultural relations.
Last year we engaged face to face with 18.4 million people and reached 652 million. We are a non-political organisation which operates at arm’s length from government. Our total turnover in 2009/10 was £705 million, of which our grant-in-aid from the British government was £211 million.
For more information, please visit our website.

Internationalising Higher Education
The British Council has taken a number of initiatives under its Internationalising Higher Education Programme and working with many government and private partners both in Pakistan and in the UK to promote and improve Higher Education in Pakistan.
Article from uk in Pakistan

what Imran needs to do to bring a CHANGE?

what Imran needs to do to bring a CHANGE? by MUFTPAKISTAN

Imran Khan is the future of Pakistan, and there is no shred of doubt about that. HOpe is here and that burning hope is due to the promises of change which Imran Khan has brought to the table. No force on this earth can stop Imran Khan from coming to the power, Allah willing.
Imran Khan and his PTI team must understand that people of Pakistan from every walk of life have tied up all their hopes and dreams and wishes with him. They are waiting for change. Imran has to make sure that he doesn’t disappoint the nation, because it would be the end, as there is no one else behind, and people doesn’t want another round of political shenanigans.
So what Imran needs to do to bring that CHANGE?

  • He must refrain from using abusive language for the opponents. He must ignore them.
  • He must come out with facts, figures and a complete workable program as how he intends to eliminate the load shedding of gas and power from Pakistan and in how much time estimate.
  • He must table his policy regarding Taliban, drone attacks and all this war.
  • How he intends to turn around the economy of the Pakistan.
  • How would he create harmony among the provinces and the different ethnic and religious groups?
  • How would he change the thana and court culture?
  • How would he reconstruct and improve the patwar khana and land records.
  • Would he toe the establishment line, or would he work with them, or would he confront them?
  • What’s his media policy?
Imran Khan must understand that unless and until he addresses the above points, people would soon loose the attraction of his slogans. I am a true well-wisher of him and his party as I have been with them throughout, but I seriously think that its about time that PTI let us know the direction on above points, as we are getting disillusioned and bit confused.

In KP, Punjab Fog closes motorways

By Geo Tv
LAHORE: Many areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab provinces are covered with thick fog, causing closure of motorways, Geo News reported Tuesday.

According to motorway police, the motorway has been closed from Pindi Bhattian interchange to Faisalabad because the visibility was down to zero.

The motorway has also been closed for heavy traffic in 40 kilometers from Peshawar to Rashakai interchange due to thick fog.

Commuters traveling from Peshawar to Islamabad have been instructed to travel via GT Road, sources added.

The motorway police have issued special instructions for the drivers. They have asked them to keep headlights of their vehicles on, avoid change of lane and observe control over speed besides using reflectors.

Telenor Offers 30 Paisa Har Network

By MuftPakistan , Telenor Offers 30 Paisa Har Network

  • Telenor TalkShawk is proud to introduce an amazing “Har Network Offer” for Calling Any Network, Anytime!
  • Now Talkshawk subscribers on Talkshawk 24 Hrs package plan can call on Any Network in Pakistan and Any Network in UK (Landline), USA & Canada for only 30 Paisas!
  • Rs.50 k Load pe yaqeeni 5 min+5 sms aur Rs. 100 pe 15 min+15 sms ! Recharge se pehle Dial*345*260#
Subscription Price* ( Time Period Validity Rate Applicable On
2.99 24 Hrs 1 day (expires at Midnight) All Local Networks + UK (Land) USA & Canada (Mobile+Land)
Packages All Network Rate
(excl. Tax)
All Network Rate
(incl. Tax)
Talkshawk 24 Hrs Rs. 0.30/20 sec Rs. 0.36/20 sec *345*255#
Subscription and Validity:
  • Dial *345*255# USSD to subscribe
  • Subscription price: Rs.2.99+tax (Rs. 3.57 inclusive of tax)
  • Offer is for Talkshawk 24 Hrs and Talkshawk 63 Subscribers Only
  • Validity:Customers can avail discounted rate on day of subscription– till 12am (midnight)

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Telenor Sms Bundles Offer

By MuftPakistan Telenor Sms Bundles Offer
Telenor Bundles offers you the flexibility to separately subscribe to exciting new Bundles. with any of your preferred price plan based on your mobile needs.

Voice Bundles
50 Mins @ Rs. 50
220 Mins @ Rs. 200
600Mins @ Rs. 500
SMS Bundles
250 SMS @ Rs. 25
600 SMS @ Rs. 50
6000 SMS @ Rs. 150
Internet Bundles
35 MB @ Rs. 75
100 MB @ Rs. 200
2 GB @ Rs. 500

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Telenor Talkshawk Voice + SMS Offer

By Muft Pakistan Telenor Talkshawk Voice + SMS Offer
Telenor TalkShawk is proud to introduce an amazing "Voice + SMS Bundle" for both Voice and SMS needs!

Now Talkshawk subscribers can avail Voice + SMS bundle for Rs. 5 only!

Subscription Price (Excl. tax) Subscription Price (Incl. tax) Validity Rate Applicable on
Rs.5 Rs 5.98 1 day (expires at Midnight) Telenor to Telenor Mins
All Network SMS
Packages Telenor Mins All Network SMS USSD
All Talkshawk 7 70 *345*290#
  • With effect from 1st July 2011, 19.5% FED applies on usage and
  • 10% withholding tax applies on recharge.
Subscription and Validity:
  • Dial *345*290# USSD to subscribe
  • Subscription price: Rs.5+tax (Rs. 5.98 inclusive of tax)
  • Validity: Customers can avail discounted rate on day of subscription– till 12am (midnight)
Validity Rule:
  • Latest validity rule will prevail for subscriptions on SMS i.e. if a subscriber has 5 day SMS bundle validity left from SMS bundle already subscribed and he/she subscribes to the Voice + SMS Bundle, then validity will remain the same for SMS bundles (5days), while remaining SMS will be added
  • Voice Mins validity will be 1-day, and will not be affected by any Talkshawk Voice bundles
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warid Offers: Bol Anmol

Take A look at Warid BOL ANMOL OFFER.

You expect the best rates and superior network quality from Warid.  But we are always looking to exceed your expectations, because we know how to take care of our family. 
Keeping in line with our tradition of providing innovative and exciting offers to our family members, we present the “Warid Bol Anmol Program”.
All you have to do is spend as low as Rs. 10 a day on the network and you will be rewarded with an immediate bonus with our “Bonus Rozana Program” and you’ll be automatically entitled to the “Bonus Mahana Program” also. The more you spend, the more you get. Keep using your Warid connection and keep winning!
You thought your words were precious; they just got even more valuable…
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is “Bonus Rozana” offer?

    “Bonus Rozana” is an offer for prepaid a subscriber that gives them instant bonus on their daily usage.
  2. How does it work?

    On usage on Rs 10 or more every day you are entitled for bonus calls and SMS.
  3. What is “Bonus Mahana” offer?

    “Bonus Mahana” offer gives you bonus according to your monthly usage.

  4. How does it work?

    You can get bonus after every 5th day of daily usage of Rs. 10.
  5. What if I spend more than the minimum amount of Rs. 10 on a daily basis?

    If you spend more than Rs. 10, you will receive even more bonus through the “Bonus Rozana” offer. However in case of the “Bonus Mahana” offer, bonus will be given after 5 days.
  6. What if I do not spend a minimum of Rs. 10 everyday, maybe every alternate day, will I still get my bonus?

    Bonus amount is awarded based upon your usage up to a certain level every day. The bonus is based on a minimum of 5-day usage and a maximum of 30-day usage.
  7. Who is eligible for these offers?

    These offers are available to all Warid prepaid users.
  8. How can I make bonus amount?

    You can make Bonus on usage on on-net calls.
  9. If I am entered in “Bonus Rozana”, am I automatically entered in the “Bonus Mahana” offer?

    Yes! You are automatically eligible for the “Bonus Mahana” offer based on your daily usage.
  10. Are there any subscription charges to avail these offers?

    No! There are no subscription charges.
  11. When will I receive my bonus amount and how will I know when I win it?

    You will receive your bonus immediately after making on-net call. A notice will be sent to you via Flash message.
  12. How can I use my bonus?

    Bonus can be used for on-net calls, on-net & off-net SMS. However, it cannot be used for off-net calls, GPRS, MMS or international calls.
  13. How will I be charged if I have bonus available?

    All on-net calls, on-net & off-net SMS will be charged from available bonus.  Once the bonus is consumed, your main account will be used.
  14. How can I check my bonus?

    You can check your bonus by dialling *200#.
  15. Can I share my bonus with friends & family?

    No! Your bonus cannot be shared.
  16. What is the expiry of the bonus?

    There is no expiry for the bonus.

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How many times is it that you buy a product and it turns out that product was fake one (or a Chinese version of the original) or maybe it was a used unit?
Well it happened with my friend thrice and another time to me. Unfortunately it is becoming a common practice these days, especially in a country like Pakistan where lot of products are not officially sold by manufacturers themselves.
Experience teaches a man a lot and it did teach me several things, which I am sharing with you:
  • 1. See reviews and pictures of the product online. Believe me this is really helpful especially in case of devices like iPhone 4S (as there is almost no difference in the design of 4S and its predecessor iPhone 4).
  • 2. See the back of the device and logo carefully. The placement of LED Flash and ports on the side of device carefully. Their location might be changed. But the most important thing is the logo. In most cases, it might be cleverly written to like look the original. But upon careful inspection, differences might appear. Instead of NOKIA, it might be NOKTA or N0KIA (N ZERO OKIA) or APPlE instead of APPLE.
  • 3. And here comes a very weak spot, the camera. The camera of these cheap devices take very blurred pictures and they does look cloudy. The videos too are nothing short of portable earthquakes. The icons of the camera interface might be changed too.
  • 4. Check the OS carefully. It might not be so smooth as your dream phone. You might’ve known that upon pressing the home button in iPhone, icons seem to flow back to the screen. This little animation and other things might not happen in fake phones.
  • 5. Memorize the specs carefully. No, not all. But do check whether the device you’re buying is dual-sim/micro-SD card/micro-sim card supported. Ask the shopkeeper about these specs. This really can help you.
  • 6. Don’t be shy. If you’re buying a device worth thousands, you’ve every right to ask ANY question from the retailer. Also notice the face of the retailer upon asking the originality of the device.
  • 7. Check the device for any physical damage. A lot of shopkeepers do sell used devices after replacing physically damaged parts.
  • 8. Check the retail box. Check the charger. Check whether the box really looks like the retail box of original phone.
  • 9. Take a look at the pre-installed applications. Are they the same? Do they have the same interface? A lot of fake phones have applications that have similar logos like the original ones but they aren’t completely same.
  • 11. Browse the web. No it does sound awkward but it will help. Iphone, Android, WP7 and Meego have brilliant browsers. Fake ones might not be so smooth. And then shock the retailer by accessing the online software store. Its not THAT helpful but if your device is a fake one, it may not be able to access the store.
These all may require you to do a bit of a research of the device you’re about to buy on the web. But the hard work always pays off and you will get the thing you deserve. Best of luck!
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What You Can Do with Facebook Timeline

10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline By MuftPakistan.
One thing that is amazing about Open Source online applications is its level of growth and development for months and even weeks. Just recently, Facebook has changed how status updates are being displayed real time, and how recent stories are being looked at, with blue markers on the upper left section of the particular broadcast. And on September 22, 2011, Mark Zuckerberg, owner and CEO of Facebook, has announced that the Profile page will be changed and viewed in a different light. Facebook Timeline presents the profile in a way where the feeling can be like reading an online journal. Since the application is quite new, you may need to read some tips on how to use it and make the most of the timeline so that your you can present your best self with friends, family members, or relatives, of your life in a scrolling nutshell.

fb introducing timeline 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
Choose Your Profile Cover
Tip 1 Choose Your Cover Profile 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
When you have your profile created, whether we are talking about Facebook or an offline profile or portfolio, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a cover page that would present you or your interest. You need to look for images that can make people think of what you are, in looking at one big picture. It may be your biggest highlight, your most recent achievement, a picture of your family, or a perfectly picturesque scene taken from your powerful camera. Your Cover picture is the window to your soul.

Update Your Info
Tip 2 Update Your Info 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
If there is, any other moment in time to update your personal information, then the time is now. That’s right. When someone looks at your profile, one of the first things that can be seen is your information, such as your place of work, your family, and non-family relationships, your language of expertise, educational achievements, and more. Nope, you do not need to update other sensitive details, as about 4 or 5 items will be shown at front. You can do this by clicking the “Update Info” button under the cover picture. Do not be surprised, as the update info section has also been improved, with that tile look.

To Show or Not to Show
Tip 3 To Show or Not to Show 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
After updating your personal and professional information, another thing you need to do is to modify the timeline and select activities that you want to appear or not. As you click “View Activity”, everything that you have posted on your wall, including other activities that have been done on your wall for the last, well, since birth, will be shown. It cannot be avoided that there are great and terrible posts that may affect your image as a person. If you do see that event in the activity, then just click on the down arrow at the right end of the row, and you will have the option of whether you will include it on your timeline or not. This provides ease and comfort of sharing or hiding information as wanted, not unlike the previous profile update where you feel that an unwanted status feels like removing a spam, instead of just taking it away in your right as the account owner.

Modify your Navigation
Tip 4 Modify your Navigation 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
Usually, what you see on the profile wall is your friends, photos, maps, and likes, and other updates, being presented on the left part of the home page. It can be quite annoying that the subscriptions you really do not want, stays even if you are keeping on removing the subscription to keep you reminded with game updates, requests, and more. With the new Timeline, all these resets and the only things that will be seen are the generalized apps that you can add for viewing. Clicking the option button under Activity will bring you other windows where you can add notes subscriptions, and others.

Use the + Button
Tip 5 Use the + Button 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
With the older profile wall setup, you may need to scroll back at the top of the page just for you to update some posts about anything, whether it would be pictures, links, and other things. When you utilize the + button, it will give you the same options included on the posting an update, uploading of a picture, or sharing unique status where the world is the audience. You can choose if the update has something to do with work, love life, living, health and wellness, and achievements of success stories.

Posting Comments, Status, can be Done anywhere in the Timeline
Tip 6 Posting Comments Status can be Done anywhere in the Timeline 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
When you recall the events that happened to you in the past, you may feel that you have remembered something you experienced before and have it posted on the timeline without sacrificing date allocation. Yes, this can all be possible and you can update as if you are just squeezing in some notes on a journal page, or a post it, for all who care. You can still use your old photos and other stuff to have it scanned and downloaded for online usage.

Star your Favorite events
Tip 7 Star your Favorite events 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
Setting your favorites is now a new thing in the timeline. When you look at a particular status on the wall, clicking the star means that status can be featured in the timeline. With the status divided into left and right sections, a featured event will occupy both sides and it will be highlighted by increasing the size of the page section by over an additional 50%, making it bigger than the rest. In case you change your mind, just clicking the star button on a featured page will make the particular status smaller again.

Optimize Your Apps
Tip 8 Optimize Your Apps 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
You may have used apps, about one or two maybe. You may have used Netflix and watched movies online, or tracked down your running path with Nike+ GPS. If you are used to seeing your apps alone, this time, things are a little different because everytime you open a music player, a recipe page, or playing Angry Birds via Facebook, you are not the only person who sees things happening, but every friend that has access to your timeline page. So setup your apps in a way that you can enjoy it more fully, as it is possible that you may start a trend of your own.

Time to Filter Your Friends
Tip 9 Time to Filter Your Friends 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
As you go down the timeline and back into your birthday, you will notice the pictures, faces, and the friends you have created via Facebook. You will come to know their names, and the beginning of friendships that grew over time. Since most users are more likely to accept friends that they do not know, it is sufficient to say that a user should take his time in sifting out friends that he actually knows who, rather than having a large number but only knowing about less than half, which may take too much feeding space.

Fill in the Blanks
Top 10 Fill in the Blanks 10 Things That You Can Do To Your Profile With Facebook Timeline
One of the amazing things about the Facebook Timeline is that some information on the profile is now merged with the actual timeline itself. A specific example of this is the birth part of the timeline. It already serves a challenge of its own as a person would have to find particular pictures when he was a baby. Sure, you can post your modern birth cover, but they can still see through it. No one would like to have their personal journal or profile page blank and insufficient with details. So now that you still have the time, and the ability to complete the profile, have every general, non-vital details filled in.

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Environmental Outlook Of Pakistan in the Next Few Decades

Topic by MuftPakistan/Sidrah Zaheer Environmental Outlook Of Pakistan in the Next Few Decades

According to many environmental experts, after almost twenty years, the glacial melt-water will be coming to an end and the total flow of the Indus system would also decrease to half. This whole loss of water will be in three rivers in Pakistan that will have devastating effects on the country’s agricultural production and hence its economy.

To change this harsh scenario for Pakistan in the next twenty years, the government must do something sufficient to take control of the situation. This would be the environmental reality of Pakistan that will certainly affect the country.

But in terms of Pakistan’s GDP growth rate, currently it is 6 per cent, it will have a GDP of $436 billion in 2030 and the per capita income would only be around $1800. With major part of the country’s budget given to military expenditures, it would be spending millions of dollars on militarisation by 2030. This will lead to slow growth rate of development in economy and a poor graph performance on literacy rate.

To take responsibility and to manage Pakistan’s natural resources, it is important that the government takes action now. Planning for a better future which will not only be environmentally secure but also politically viable, the experts should be paid heed to in the policy making circles. Already the region of South Asia is of global strategic importance to the superpowers. It is not just the oil, gas and petroleum that make this area politically sensitive, but on a scientific level too, the predictions are a bit frightening.

Hence, the solution that comes first to mind is to make policies and spend in the way of developing environmental infrastructure to change scenario in our favour that will provide for our agricultural backbone of the economy and sustain employment for the people.


How to Subscribe Zong +1 Offer

You are here to know How to Subscribe Zong +1 Offer ,Topic BY MUFTPAKISTAN
Zong +1! With Zong +1 offer, Zong has revolutionized the concept of having to choose selected Friends and Family numbers by ensuring that the Zong family gets to talk freely no matter what network their friends and family may be on.

Customers who subscribe to Zong +1 will simply be able to choose their desired operator and enjoy discounted call rates of 35 paisa + tax / 20 seconds to that specific operator!

It's as simple as 1,2,3…
  • Dial *515#
  • Choose your favorite operator from Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, or Warid
  • Enjoy call rates of 35 paisa / 20 second to your favorite operator and Say It All!

How to Activate

  • Dial *515# and choose the desired operator from the menu or
  • Write the name of the operator which needs to be selected and send to 515
    • For example, if a customer wants to select:
      • Mobilink, he will SMS 'Mobilink' to 515
        • System will accept Mobilink, Jazz, Indigo & anything starting with 'm', 'j' or 'i'
      • Telenor, he will SMS 'Telenor' to 515
        • System will accept Telenor, Djuice & anything starting with 't' or 'd'
      • Ufone, he will SMS 'Ufone' to 515
        • System will accept Ufone & anything starting with 'u', 'v' or 'y'
      • Warid, he will SMS 'Warid' to 515
        • System will accept Warid, Glow & anything starting with 'w' or 'g'
      • Zong, he will SMS 'Zong' to 515
        • System will accept Zong, M9 & anything starting with 'z' or 'm9'

How to De-Activate

  • Send "OFF" to 515

Product Price
Subscription Fee: Rs 10 + tax
Daily Operator Fee: Rs 1.25 + tax


you can watch all tv channels from Pakistan on your mobile if you are a zong customer For furture info read the following topic.

Watch TV on the go now with Zong Pocket TV service! Choose from a variety of both local and international channels, all streaming live right to you! Whether its rocking to the latest music, hooting for your favorite sports team, or just simply keeping up to date on the news and views from around the world, Zong Pocket TV service has it all!

Handset Compatibility and basic requirements for the service

  • Only EDGE supported handsets with a Streaming Media Player (supports H.264 codec + RSTP link) like Real Player will work with Zong Pocket TV service.
  • All Nokia handsets have a Built-in Real player application that plays Streaming links; subscriber has to set his/her edge settings of streaming player up to 84.42 kbps for using the Zong Pocket TV service.
  • Streaming player in Java OS phones such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, and LG will work with Zong Pocket TV service.
  • Windows OS phones such as Imate and HTC will also be able to use the service.
  • Android OS phones will also be able to use this service.
  • Old handsets that have streaming players that lack H.264 codec support will not be able to work with Zong Pocket TV service.
  • Apple OS phones/tablets will not work with Zong Pocket TV service.

To use the service

  • To use the service log on to the Zong Pocket TV URL in your phone's default browser.
  • The URL will open the Zong Pocket TV page on your phone where the channel list is displayed.
  • Clicking on any of the channel links will open the channel stream in the media player of
    your phone.
Product Price
The service is free in the introductory period and expires on the 1st of May.
Standard GPRS/EDGE Charges apply.


The service page will display mechanics of the regular service after the 15th April

If you have any complaints or problems please notify us by commenting

Details about Internet Service Providers Of Pakistan

here are some Details about Internet Service Providers Of Pakistan. by MuftPakistan

During twentieth century, our world has got a wonderful modernity in electronics stuff. There are so many innovations an all of part of field. Those stuffs give so many easy of doing many things or it can say that it make life of human being easier because those stuff are very helpful. Nowadays, there is stuff that called as computer, it is a stuff that can do many things for every people that related to writing, reading, listening even speaking. Nowadays internet has been the important thing that has to be available with us beside computer, because it is such a great communication tools which can make us connected with so many things. Internet is the biggest tool of information that exists in every part of this world. We can get many things from it, we can learn knowledge, get information about job, or also we can get many of entertainment through internet. It is like a duty for having it in all our activities.
When we want to connect to internet service, we have to have certain account for certain provider that offers feature to broadband internet connection for our computer, gadget, or laptop. In America, there so many providers that offers that bargaining to have internet connection, they also have certain bonus or superiority with their connection. HughesNet is one of the greatest providers that offer special connection to get surfed in internet. They are available for us for having fast connection with high bandwidth. They has satellite internet which directly connect our connection with the satellite, so we can get a fast connection for surfing information in internet. It has so many advantages for us, because it such a good quality of connection that we can get.
Hughes satellite internet has certain superiority, because it makes the greatest and fastest internet broadband connection which can be used by the users after paying and topping up the registration. It is also known as the high quality satellite because it is set into a great bandwidth which can cover a great need of connection quota that usually will be offered to get internet specialty.

Warid: Call Block Service 9211

  • HOW to Block UNKNOWN Callers FROM WARID SIM,
Warid has come up with new ‘Warid Call Block 9211’ service after Ufone, Telenor and Zong that allows the subscribers to get rid of annoying calls. Warid customers can now subscribe to this service and get control over the calls they wish to restrict, they now have the choice to block specific callers whether they are local or international numbers.

This service is in the test phase but subscribers can still subscribe to this service but there is possibility of the malfunctioning of some commands.
  • To subscribe send Sub to 9211
  • To add a number in block list send Block <space> Number and send to 420
  • To add a number in block list send Unblock <space> Number and send to 420
Monthly charges for this service are Rs. 25+tax. Sending a SMS to 420 costs Rs. 2+tax. This service is only for Call blocking

Pakistani burnt Rs 22.5 billion on Messaging in 2011

Farig Qoum!

Karachi: Pakistan’s mobile phone users have been severely affected with SMS addiction as they spent Rs 22.5 billion for generating 175.6 billion text messages in 2010.
The texting fever caused by the bundles offers and lowering charges of cellular operators on their networks that showed of 15.66 percent or 23.75 billion in 2010 compared with 2009 numbers, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Report on SMS said.
The report said that an averaged mobile phone user exchanges 4.7 or (5) text messages every day or 142 SMS per month approximately in Pakistan.
The research’s calculations are based on the Mobile originated SMSes only (same as sent or generated SMS) during the 2010.
The total SMS activity (TSA) of the subscribers in 2010 said that figure (Sent plus Received) would approximately be 350.785 billion (twice the 175.393).
This analysis of Y2010 is based on the 12 months data from January 2010 to December 2010, so the percentage error is reduced due to minimum estimations in the analysis.
As per our study, the SMS traffic was exchanged at an average rate of 12.8 Paisa (Rs. 0.128) per SMS in the year 2010. The rates of SMS have generally being reduced from the previous year, which stood at 27 Paisa (Rs. 0.27), showing reduction of 47 percent YoY.
Almost 20 percent of the SMS traffic is estimated to be exchanged over flat rate. All the operators have offered different flat rates.
All cellular operators offered attractive SMS-bundle packages, which is approximately 80% of the total SMS traffic is assumed to be exchanged over bundle packages.
Bundle packages were usually around 700 SMS/week/subscriber in Y2010, of which we assumed 700 SMS/Month/Subscriber being utilized, this averages out around 25 SMS/ Day /Subscriber.

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Funeral prayer of Arfa Karim offered

LAHORE: Funeral prayer of Arfa Karim, the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), has been offered here on Sunday morning, Geo news reported.

According to the report, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif among various political leaders, officials of armed force and large number of people attended the funeral.

On Saturday, Arfa lost the battle of life after remaining admitted in Combined Military Hospital. Arfa Karim was only sixteen years old.

Arifa Karim remained in intensive care at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) after suffering an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest a few weeks ago. After battling for life for 26 days, one of Pakistan's brightest brains left this world for good.

Born in 1995, Arfa Karim got the honor of World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional when she was only 9 years old in 2004. Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, invited Arfa to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in the USA in the age of 10 only.

Later, in August 2005, Arfa was also honored by the Pakistan Government for the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of Science and Technology which she received from then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. She was also honored with Salaam Pakistan Youth Award in 2005 which has been set up by Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate Dr Abdul Salam. Moreover, Arfa has won the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance.


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How to Use Own Photo as Blog Background Pakistani Blogs

How to Use Own Photo as Blog Background Pakistani Blogs
Blogger in Draft's Template Designer now has a new feature which allows users to upload their own photos as background easily.

To do so, go to Dashboard > Design > Template Designer > Background.

blogger upload image

Click on the "Background image" and you'll be able to see the "Upload image" feature. Click it and you'll be able to select the preferred picture as your blog's background.

According to Blogger in Draft blog, for images that fill the entire background, a resolution of 1800px wide and 1600px high is recommended and image size less than 200KB to minimize loading time of the blog. It support JPEG, GIF, and PNG format images.

At the end, additional background settings are available by using the Alignment, Repeat and Scroll options.

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How to Remove "showing newest posts with labels" Blogging in Pakistan

How to Remove "showing newest posts with labels" Blogging in Pakistan
Log in to your Blogger account, Back-up your template, then go to:

Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML > check Expand Widget Templates box

Find the following part of code:

<b:includable id='status-message'>
<b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
<div class='status-msg-wrap'>
<div class='status-msg-body'>
<div class='status-msg-border'>
<div class='status-msg-bg'>
<div class='status-msg-hidden'><data:navMessage/></div>
<div style='clear: both;'/>

Then REPLACE it with:

<b:includable id='status-message'>
<b:if cond='data:navMessage'>
<div style='clear: both;'/>


Now open your blog and view any label.

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Warid Offer: Apni Pasand ka number

Warid presents an exclusive service for its esteemed customers - “Warid Ezee Connection” Where Customers can purchase any Warid Prepaid number of their choice from their nearest Warid Retailers.

Up till now, the only option that existed for customers to purchase a Warid Prepaid SIM was to go to one of Warid’s Business Centers or Franchises. Now with Warid Ezee Connection customers can buy a Warid Prepaid number more conveniently by visiting their nearest Warid Retailer!

  • Subscriber walks in to a Retailer shop & requests for a new Warid number
  • Retailer dials *231# from EVC SIM and receives 5 new mobile numbers
  • If the customer does not like any of the numbers, the Retailer will dial *231# again from EVC SIM to receive next 5 mobile numbers.
Once the customer likes one of the numbers from the available list then:
  • Retailer will dial 135 helpline for Number Mapping
  • Retailer will provide the selected mobile number and ICCID (Written on the SIM) to the 135 agent for Number Mapping
  • When the number is successfully mapped by the 135 agent, the customer will need to call 789 after one hour to activate the number

Regular Warid Prepaid SIM charges apply to WEC SIM.


How can I get a WEC SIM?

You can get any number of your choice from any Warid retailer located nearest you.

Will my WEC number work as normal number?

Yes, WEC number works as normal Warid Prepaid number.

Are there any additional costs for a WEC SIM?

No, the price of the WEC SIM is the same as of a regular Warid Prepaid SIM.

Can I use other VAS services on my WEC number e.g. GPRS or MMS?

Yes, all VAS services can be used on your WEC number.

If I get a WEC number without mapping, then will my number be activated?

No, you will have to visit the same retailer for number mapping.

How can I get further details?

For further details and support, call our 321 helpline.

Terms & Conditions
  • All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
  • Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes an 10% withholding tax.
  • “Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA”

Warid Offers 1000 free minutes

Up to 1000 Free Minutes

Warid brings a tailor made offer in your area with free minutes and special call rates

Start-up Balance:
  • This offer is only valid for Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, North Peshawar and Azad Jammu Kashmir Regions. (List of cities is attached).

  • This offer is only for new customers.

  • All new SIMs can be activated by dialing 789

  • All new SIMS will be activated on ZEM30LCR tariff with Rs. 25 start up balance

  • Start up balance of Rs. 25 can only be used for On-Net calls only.

  • Start Up balance of Rs. 25 will expire after 30 days.

  • Start Up balance of Rs. 25 will be charged at the rate of ZEM30LCR (30 second pulse).

  • Start Up balance of Rs. 25 can only be used when the subscriber is in Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, North Peshawar and Azad Jammu Kashmir Regions only.

  • Start Up balance of Rs.25 cannot be used to make Off-Net calls, International calls, SMS, MMS, balance share and rental payments.

  • If a customer has changed its main tariff plan, Start-Up balance of Rs. 25 will be charged as per customer’s new package.
Up to 1000 Free Minutes
  • Customer will get FREE 100 minutes on first ten recharges of Rs. 50 or more. In this way, the customer will get up to a total of 1000 Free minutes.

  • 100 Free minutes can only be used for On-Net calls.

  • The first 10 recharges will start after SIM activation.

  • Customer is required to recharge a minimum of Rs. 50 or more in order to avail 100 Free minutes. If the recharge amount is less than Rs. 50, customer will not receive 100 Free minutes.

  • 100 Free minutes will be charged as per ZEM30LCR(60 second pulse).

  • Expiry of 100 Free minutes would be 1 week (7 Days).

  • 100 Free minutes can only be used when the subscriber is within the vicinity of Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, North Peshawar and Azad Jammu Kashmir Regions. Free minutes cannot be availed outside any of the above areas.

  • After consuming 100 free minutes, customer will use its recharged balance.

  • Customer will be able to avail free minutes upon changing his/her tariff plan.

  • Existing subscribers cannot avail this offer.

  • 100 Free Minutes cannot be used to make Off-Net calls, International calls, SMS, MMS, balance share and rental payments.

  • Recharge balance inquiry can be done through *100#.

  • Free minutes inquiry can be done through *200*6#.

  • Start up balance inquiry can be done through *200*8#.

  • Upon using the recharge balance, the customers will automatically be a part of “Warid Bol Anmol” program.
10 Paisa Offer:
  • Warid subscribers who are in Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, North Peshawar and Azad Jammu Kashmir Regions can enjoy an amazing rate of 10 paisa per minute on all calls to On-Net numbers. Daily subscription charges apply.

  • The discounted rate offer is available only for On-net calls and only within the above mentioned regions. This offer is only for customers located in Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, North Peshawar and Azad Jammu Kashmir Regions.

  • To subscribe for this offer, SMS “ON” to 4337.

  • Customer has to subscribe to this offer with daily subscription charges of Rs. 4.99+tax/day.

  • Daily Rental will be charged from customer’s recharged balance.

Double Dhamal Offer

Warid presents a fantastic offer for its customers in Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala regions that provide both savings and convenience. On the purchase of airtime worth Rs. 2,999 and Rs. 1,799, all new Warid subscribers in and around these regions will get a handset and a Warid SIM, absolutely free!

   Purchase Bulk Airtime Worth Rs 2,999 and Get Free
  • Warid Colored Screen Dual SIM Handset – S213
  • Dual SIM technology, FM radio, torch, games, speaker phone and battery time up to 530 hours
  • Preloaded balance amount of Rs. 2,999
  • Warid prepaid SIM

   Purchase Bulk Airtime Worth Rs 1,799 and Get Free
  • Warid Handset – S501
  • FM radio, torch, games, speaker phone and battery time up to 400 hours
  • Preloaded balance amount of Rs 1,799
  • Warid prepaid SIM

Terms & Conditions

  • Currently this offer is valid for Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala regions only.
    (Please click here for list of cities)

  • This offer is only for new Warid customers.

  • The preloaded balance can be used for on-net calls, off-net calls, SMS, MMS and GPRS when subscriber is in the above mentioned regions.

  • The free balance can only be used in and near the specified regions. Outside the region, your regular balance will be used for calls and SMS.

  • The preloaded balance cannot be used for:
    • Offers with daily and monthly rental deductions (e.g. LBC, Zoom etc.)
    • Balance Transfer

  • The preloaded balance expiry is 12 months which can be rolled over with additional top ups.

  • Zem 30 LCR Package (30 second pulse) is the default package with handset bundle offer.

  • The handset bundle offer SIM and the handset cannot be used with any other handset or SIM before the preloaded balance is consumed.

  • Upon handset/SIM de-bundling, SIM will be blocked and customers will have to visit the Warid Business Center to re-activate the SIM.

  • Customers can use Warid “Bol Anmol” offer upon exhaustion of their preloaded balance.

  • For preloaded balance inquiry dial *200*6#.

  • Airtime of Rs. 2,999 and Rs. 1,799 is inclusive of taxes.

  • “Using SIMs without proper documentation is a crime – PTA.”
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax is deducted on each recharge amount.
  • Warid can change the rates at its discretion.

Wateen is Offering Free Connection to Warid Post-paid Customers

BY Muft Pakistan
Like we told you earlier at it’s re-launch, Wateen had this plan of involving Warid to boost it’s sales. As an outcome, company is now offering free connection, i.e. all upfront charges waived off, for all Warid postpaid customers.
All you need to do is to get your copy of Warid postpaid number to any of Warid’s service center or franchise to claim your connection.
Just to mention, monthly rental will be applicable, based on your Wateen package – obviously its free for lifetime.
If you are wondering about what packages Wateen does offer, then here’s a link you need to visit for complete details about packages.

How To Get Warid Number of Your Choice

Going an extra mile to best serve its customers, Warid Telecom recently launched “Warid Ezee Connection” campaign to empower it’s retailers to further enhance the customer experience. Now Warid new customers can get the prepaid number of their choice from any designated retail outlet across Pakistan. Leading the market with customized Products and Services, Warid manages the product portfolio of over 60 Value Added Services based on IVR, SMS, MMS and GPRS platforms.
The company is always a step ahead to best serve the needs of its valued customers by providing them the opportunity to experience the best in mobile technology. With the great brand repute, loyal subscriber base and the recognition as the most steadfast telecom operator, Warid continues to set the excellence benchmarks in the telecom Industry of Pakistan.
How to Get Warid Ezee Connection:
Up till now, the only option that existed for customers to purchase a Warid Prepaid SIM was to go to one of Warid’s Business Centers or Franchises. Now with Warid Ezee Connection customers can buy a Warid Prepaid number more conveniently by visiting their nearest Warid Retailer!
  • Subscriber walks in to a Retailer shop & requests for a new Warid number.
  • Retailer dials *231# from EVC SIM and receives 5 new mobile numbers.
  • If the customer does not like any of the numbers, the Retailer will dial *231# again from EVC SIM to receive next 5 mobile numbers.
  • Once the customer likes one of the numbers from the available list then: Retailer will dial 135 helpline for Number Mapping.
  • Retailer will provide the selected mobile number and ICCID (Written on the SIM) to the 135 agent for Number Mapping.
  • When the number is successfully mapped by the 135 agent, the customer will need to call 789 after one hour to activate the number.
Regular Warid Prepaid SIM charges apply to WEC SIM cards.

Most Amazing Caves in the World top 8

Here's 9 Most Amazing Caves in the World By Muft Pakistan

There are so many places on Earth is unexplored and untouched by humans, human exploration of adventure who want to know about the unique nature of this world, especially the berwujudkan a Cave.

World's Most Expensive Residential Top 10

The home is something that can not be separated from human life, because in addition to functioning as a shelter, the house also is a place where people build a sense of affection for family and establish communication with other humans. Beyond that, the home can also indicate social status in society.

No wonder so many people spend a lot of money just to build a house which is a throne for them. in fact rarely happens bloodshed for the sake of something called the house. so valuable a house.

9/11 What it means to us?

9/11: What it means to us went into the streets of Karachi to find out what 9/11 means to the average Pakistanis on the street. Here’s what

Breast cancer claims 400,000 lives a year in Pakistan

Breast cancer claims 400,000 lives a year in Pakistan
The prevalence of this deadly ailment is the highest amongst all types of cancer in the country i.e. 38.5 per cent. —Reuters photo ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer all over

Dog`s day

Dog`s day at Gilgit airport

A PIA flight coming in to land at the airport was told to abort the landing. —File photo RAWALPINDI: A PIA flight coming in to land at Gilgit airport on Monday was told almost at the last moment to abort the landing,

Samsung Stratosphere review

Samsung Stratosphere review
Verizon has a winner with its high-speed 4G LTE network and the company has been working hard to bring affordable devices to it’s speedy network.

Satanism Documentary what is this?

DoomsDay 2012 Documentary Sign up for FREEUpdates.