• The Great Pyramid of Giza
    It is the one and only Ancient Wonder which does not require a description by early historians and poets. It is the one and only Ancient Wonder that does not need speculations concerning its appearance, size, and shape. It is the oldest, yet it is the only surviving of the Seven Ancient Wonders. It is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    Some stories indicate the Hanging Gardens towered hundreds of feet into the air, but archaeological explorations indicate a more modest, but still impressive, height.

  • The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
    This is a statue of the God in whose honor the Ancient Olympic games were held. It was located on the land that gave its very name to the Olympics. At the time of the games, wars stopped, and athletes came from Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, and Sicily to celebrate the Olympics and to worship their king of Gods: Zeus.

  • The Colossus of Rhodes 
    The island of Rhodes was an important economic centre in the ancient world. It is located off the southwestern tip of Asia Minor where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. The capitol city, also named Rhodes, was built in 408 B.C                                     

  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus                                               Eight hundred years after its destruction, the magnificent Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, had been completely forgotten by the people of the town that had once held it in such pride�

  • The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
    The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is the burial place of an ancient king. Yet the Mausoleum is different - so different from the Pyramid that it earned its reputation - and a spot within the list - for other reasons. Geographically, it is closer to the Temple of Artemis... And it was the beauty of the tomb rather than its size that fascinated its visitors for years.

  • The Pharos of Alexandria (The Lighthouse of Alexandria)
    Of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, only one had a practical use in addition to its architectural elegance: The Lighthouse of Alexandria. For sailors, it ensured a safe return to the Great Harbor. For architects, it meant even more: it was the tallest building on Earth. And for scientists, it was the mysterious mirror that fascinated them most... The mirror which reflection could be seen more than 50 km (35 miles) off-shore.
  • Forex and Stock

    Though stocks were traditionally viewed as an investment, recent volatility and instability has led to stock trading taking on a more speculative role. Many stock traders are also trading another speculative market with many differences – forex. Instead of trading stocks of individual companies, traders are switching to trading currencies in the world’s primary market. Greater leverage, sophisticated software and strong market trends have led many former stock traders to explore the benefits of currency trading.

    Some facts about forex

    Daily turnover in the world's currencies comes from two sources:
    Foreign trade (5%). Companies buy and sell products in foreign countries, plus convert profits from foreign sales into domestic currency.

    Most traders focus on the biggest, most liquid currency pairs. "The Majors" include US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. In fact, more than 85% of daily forex trading happens in the major currency pairs.

    FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market)

    The foreign exchange market is also known as FX or it is also found to be referred to as the FOREX. All three of these have the same meaning, which is the trade of trading between contrary companies, banks, businesses, and governments that are located in different countries. The financial market is one that is forever changing leaving proceedings required to be completed through brokers, and banks. Many scams have been emerging in the FOREX business, as foreign companies and people are setting up on the web to take benefit of people who don't realize that foreign trade must take place by a broker or a company with direct participation involved in foreign exchanges.
    Cash, shares, and currency is traded through the foreign exchange markets. The FOREX market will be present and exist when one currency is traded for other. Consider about a trip you might get to a foreign country. Where are you going to be able to 'trade your income' for the value of the money that is in that other country? This is FOREX trading basis, and it is not in the open in all banks, and it is not available in all financial centers. FOREX is a specialized trading circumstance.
    Small business and people often times hunting to make big wealth, are the victims of scams when it comes to learning about FOREX and the foreign trade markets. As FOREX is seen as how to make a fast buck or two, people don't inquiry their participation in such an event, but if you are not investing income by a broker in the FOREX market, you should easy end up losing all that you have invested in the transaction.
    Scams to be wary of A FOREX scam is one that involves trading but will turn out to be a fraud; you have no chance of getting your wealth back once you have invested it. If you were to invest income with a company stating they are involved in FOREX trading you want read closely to learn if they are permitted to do line of work in your country. Many institutions are not permitted in the FOREX market, as they have defrauded investors before.
    In the last five years, with the help of the Web, FOREX trading and the awareness of FOREX trading has become all the rage. Banks are the figure one source for FOREX trading to take place, where a trained and licensed broker is going to complete transactions and requirements you set forth. Commissions are paid on the transaction and this is the usual.
    other type of scam that is prevalent in the FOREX markets is application that will improve you in generating trades, in learning about the foreign markets and in practicing so you can prepare you for keeping up with and generating trades. You want to be able to rely on a program or software that is truly going to make a difference. Confer With with your financial broker or your bank to find out more about FOREX trading, the FX markets and how you can avoid being the victim while investing in these markets.

    Forex As A Career

    So a lot of people have asked me "What is it like making a living as a trader?" it is a very difficult question. It is one of the most complex things I have considered in a long time and I have to say "It is a way through." What I mean by that is that Forex is not something to be taken lightly, a decision to live your life not by guarantees but by calculating odds and living with the necessary losses therein is a huge commitment. However just living is in and of itself a series of risks we all take, so in a way we are all already accustomed to the stresses the Forex currency exchange will bring. Still, this is not a steady "paycheck" until you are able to consistently invest in the right place at the right time.
    The rewards are enormous not only in terms of the money you make, but also the freedom you achieve from the typical "boss" should you be able to become a successful trader. For many this particular aspect of being self-employed is more than enough to motivate many people to pursue trading in the Forex currency exchange. Bearing in mind the necessary information one has to take in to achieve maximum return on investment, and learning that information will greatly contribute to your chance for success.
    Self-discipline is something everyone has to learn to an extent but when you are self-employed it is the difference between being paid and not being paid. A lot of people out there will compare Forex and the stock market to professional gambling. In some respects they are correct, both gambling and Forex involve risk but so does business in general. Unlike gambling Forex presents many other careers one can segue into if they so choose, having steadfast and thorough knowledge of the financial world coupled with a cool head under pressure is an invaluable asset.
    Taking the leap into Forex is a scary one, but if done correctly it can be among the most rewarding/liberating professional opportunities available. So, do you have what it takes?

    Option Market

    Options market share has become more important with nine exchanges competing for orders, up from six in 2007. A pilot program to quote some contracts in 1-cent price increments that year also produced changes in the rules some exchanges use to match orders, intensifying the battle for volume.

    Stock options have been trading on organized exchanges for nearly thirty years. In 1973, the first US options exchange was founded and call options on 16 securities started trading. A few years later, put options began trading. A decade later, index options appeared on the scene. Today, five exchanges are active in trading options and annual options trading volumes continue to set records. Indeed, over the course of thirty years, from the early 1970s until now, a great deal has changed in the world of options trading. What was once domain to mostly sophisticated professional investors has turned into a vibrant and dynamic marketplace for investors of all shapes and sizes.

    Many investors are scrambling to buy defensive put options, demonstrating little concern with how much it costs to hedge Hewlett-Packard shares. They are paying top dollar to buy put options that will increase in value if the stock declines below $40 in the next few months.

    For investors who think the stock ultimately regains its' bullish footing, selling the high-priced put options that today are in demand seems like a reasonable trade. The November $42 puts, for example, were recently trading at $2.44, which positions investors to buy the stock at $39.56. This stance is not without risk, but at least the risk is tempered.

    This is the place where the stock market and shares are traded. Corporations, ranging from small to large blue chip companies listed in the stock market. If you are medium or small capital investor, then you can do more useful Nifty Option Tips . To do this, you should get a crystal clear idea of the different options. However, Nifty option only product that can make you maximum profits.

    Tips On How to Start Forex Trading

    1. You can make money with Forex Trading if you are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills required in Forex trading.

    2. You can make money with Forex Trading if you are committed to online currency trading since online currency trading is considered the future of Forex trading

    3. Before you start in Forex trading, it is necessary for you to set up your account with a Forex broker. Choose from the best of the available Forex brokers online. Research on those who require fees which fit your budget and most especially those who are very experienced and skillful in Forex trading.

    24 Hours Trading

    Forex gives its traders a 24 hour trading opportunity. Being a Forex trader, you can trade 24 hours a day from Sunday 5:00 pm (ET) to Friday 4:30 pm. This gives traders an opportunity to trade according to their convenience, going by their own schedule and also a chance to react instantly to any breaking news of the markets.

    Forex Trading System Results

    Forex trading is trading in a pair of foreign currencies such as the U.S. Dollar vs. the Euro. The word “Forex” is an acronym for foreign exchange. In the process of Forex trading, one currency is bought and another currency is sold in one deal. A foreign market is influenced by the supply and demand of products and services offered by another country. Depending upon the market condition the movement of one currency in relation to another is influenced.

    Forex Trading System

    A Forex trading system is a method of trading in foreign trade or currency using specific criteria of technical analysis. Though the foreign trade also involves purchase and sale, it is very complicated in that the commodity involved here is currency.

    The behavior of one currency with respect to the movement of another currency is highly unpredictable. As a matter of fact, the unpredictability depends upon many factors like the economic condition, political situation, natural environment etc. Therefore, for a lay man sitting in one corner of the world it will be very difficult to understand the phenomenon.

    It is here, that a Forex trading system comes into play. The system by means of its research and analysis provides valuable data to the person, employing the system. The findings are supported by charts and other statistical tools which helps understand the situation. The explanations with reasons and arguments enhance the understanding of the subject by the user of the system. The success of any system lies in its reasonable justification in favor of its decision and ultimately proving its recommendation. In fact, a good system explains the situation and leaves the decision to the trader to take himself.

    Learn Forex Trading

    Through the system of Forex trading one can learn forex trading using proven methods without having to re-invent the wheel. As already explained, Forex trading is a complicated area, where only a very few have succeeded. We have seen that a Forex trading system is a method of executing Forex trade in a systematic way using specific conditions that must be met in technical analysis. The complicated matters involved in the appreciation and depreciation of currencies in relation to another are analyzed with statistical data collected over a period of time.

    The Forex market is not necessarily stable at any point of time. Nor is it moving on a straight line. Various factors affecting the price structure of a currency are analyzed in a systematic way. By this method the system offers many lessons to the practitioner of it. Learning Forex trading acquires more importance in the context of more potential opportunities it throws to the people aspiring to have a career in foreign exchange. On line trading technologies have increased the opportunities the system has created and continues to create.

    Many an opportunity is missed because of lack of knowledge. Success in the business of Forex trading requires some discipline, patience, and a considerable amount of training and practical experience. The study of Forex system trading can greatly accelerate the process that otherwise relies on trial and error.

    Enlightened Wealth Training in Forex Trading as a Path to Freedom

    We live in an age when many people have discovered the need to create more freedom of time and choices about how to live life without being perpetually enslaved to the rat race. Old concepts of being wealthy as some kind of vice or sign of greed are fading away as a new vision of wealth as a path to freedom and fulfillment are rapidly emerging. Our education system is also designed primarily to prepare people to enter the “rat race” by granting degrees for the purpose of obtaining jobs in order to make money for someone else’s business and live a life of enslavement. As more people awaken to the idea that freedom and abundance are desirable the idea of becoming an entrepreneur has become fashionable. Unfortunately most entreprenuers soon discover that they have created a new type of enslavement that is even more demanding than most jobs. No longer can they clock out and go home and forget work. Now they must continue working at night as well in order to accomplish everything necessary to create their dream of eventual freedom. When does that feedom come? For some it always remains just over the next horizon.

    There are very few businesses available that can really create a life of freedom in a relatively short period of time. Forex trading is one of those few opportunities that can do this and much more. However, when a person becomes interested in Forex trading and begins searching for information, it is likely that the quest will lead to trading strategies that require long hours of work and more stress and frustration often without any results. A few Forex traders have discovered a much easier way that requires very little time, is much more reliable, easier and more profitable than what the majority of the Forex trading world is currently involved in. This path is certainly not for everyone. But for those seeking a business as a part of a vision to create financial freedom and fulfillment in life through pursuing higher things besides perpetual work, Forex trading can be the vehicle that finally solves all the shortcomings that entreprenuers experience in many other businesses

    Why I Love To Do What No One Else Does in Forex Trading

    Contrarian Forex Trading.

    Most people are not comfortable with the idea of doing what no one else is doing. It is a part of the social insecurity that is innate in the average person. Ever since I was a child and even more so when I was a teenager I noticed that in general the people around me did not even have any interest in understanding the nature of their own beings and their purpose for existing in this universe. It was clear to me that people in general are lost and not only do not know why they exist but also they do not even seem to be interested. That is when it also became clear to me that being like every one else was not necessarily a desirable thing.

    In Forex trading most people are not doing what would bring them consistent profit. In fact, most people will not even participate in the Forex trading business. I have heard many people say things like, “If that really worked everyone would be doing it.” Well I hope that the success oriented person will immediately realize what a ridiculously false statement that is. The fact is, there are an infinite number of ways that anyone could make any amount of money. And guess what? They are NOT doing these things.

    Several years ago Jake Bernstein, a well known stock and commodity trading mentor, conducted surveys daily in which his company called a certain number of individual traders and asked them simply whether they were bullish or bearish. That information was converted into what is called a “sentiment indicator”. The way sentiment became useful was that a profitable trading strategy could be implemented by always trading the opposite of whatever the prevailing sentiment was. The Commitment of Traders reports that we often use in our trading strategy demonstrates the same thing. The majority of small traders will always be extremely bullish when price is at its top and they will be extremely bearish when price is at its bottom.

    The same is true of the overall approach to trading. Most traders are exclusively focused on extreme short term day trading and most are trading the same currency pairs in the Forex market. Most are using similar strategies and most are consistently losing. We might be able to derive a clue from observing these facts. Could it be a good idea to do what everyone else is not doing? It has been my experience that the best way to consistently get profit in Forex trading involves an approach that is entirely different from what the vast majority of Forex traders are doing.

    Forex Trading Scams Vs. What Really Works

    Forex trading is becoming extremely popular these days. So is shooting craps in Las Vegas but that does not mean it is always profitable. The difficulty many people experience is they are lured by the many training programs that profess to teach the would-be Forex trader how to trade successfully. When you enter the world of Forex trading and become a customer of the Forex trading industry, it can be very difficult to know what will really work for enabling you to learn to actually get consistent profits and multiply your account. Ironically some of the most “professional” forex training courses, forex trading videos, forex seminars, and surefire Forex trading strategies do not actually produce successful businesses among their students. The reasons for this are varied. For one thing, the general approach to trading that is taught in most trading education programs is designed to benefit brokers more than traders. And practically the entire world of trading is so caught up in this general approach that they have become blinded to the insights that should be common sense.

    When people first see our trading method the most difficult challenge for many is overcoming the disbelief that trading really can be this simple and yet far more profitable than what others are doing. Once you see it you will be amazed that everyone is not trading this way. It is much easier, more reliable, less risky and much more profitable. Some of our students are now in the category of the most profitable Forex traders in the world. There is no question about that and real accounts do not lie. Many of them also find it amusing to see how other traders are working so hard, spending many long hours trading and not getting nearly the amount of profit that they are easily getting themselves. This Forex trading method is definitely not for everyone. But it is definitely much easier and more profitable than anything we have seen. Interestingly, many people will always be drawn to things that are more difficult and less profitable.

    Learn How to Trade Forex Using a Mobile Android Phone, Iphone and Ipad

    <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>

    Have you ever wondered how to trade forex on an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or Google Android phone as Samsung or Sony Ericson Experia Galaxy? Well, here's the scoop on what apps to see what works and what does not. If you spend money on a paid survey service? You can place orders through your broker of exchange on the phone you use now? Is it really? Is there trouble maintaining your business Forex trading using a mobile phone? Scott Shubert, Mastermind Trading has already done some research and testing to find out what is currently working on Android and iPhone, and what is the story of Metatrader Mobile for Android and Windows Mobile.

    Using an Apple iPad compressed into a sheet or a Samsung Galaxy can improve your lifestyle as a forex trader. There are times and places for portable laptops and there are times when you can make your currency trading in a small mobile handheld device. This film is really about how to execute a Forex trading business with one of these smaller devices while you are away from your computer to create greater freedom of mobility and better quality of life

    Highest Mountains in the World

    Mountain                                                   Height Country                   Continent

    Everest8.848Nepal/Tibet Asia
    K-28.611Pakistan Asia
    Kangchenjunga8.586Nepal/India Asia
    Lhotse8.511Nepal Asia
    Makalu8.463Nepal/Tibet Asia
    Cho Oyu8.201Nepal/Tibet Asia
    Dhaulagiri8.167Nepal Asia
    Manaslu8.163Nepal Asia
    Nanga Parbat8.125Pakistan Asia
    Annapurna8.091Nepal Asia
    Gasherbrum I8.068Pakistan Asia
    Broad Peak8.047Pakistan Asia
    Gasherbrum II8.035Pakistan Asia
    Xixabangma Feng (Gosainthan) 8.012China/Nepal Asia
    Distaghil Sar7.885Pakistan Asia
    Kunyang Chhist7.852Pakistan Asia
    Masherbrum7.820Pakistan Asia
    Nanda Devi7.816India Asia
    Aling Kangri7.815Tibet Asia
    Rakaposhi7.788Pakistan Asia
    Batura7.785Pakistan Asia
    Namjagbarwa Feng7.756Tibet Asia
    Kamet7.756India Asia
    Kamet7.756Tibet/India Asia
    Muztagh Ata7.546China Asia
    Saltoro Kangri7.742Pakistan Asia
    Muztag7.723China Asia
    Trivor7.720Pakistan Asia
    Konkur7.719China Asia
    Tirich Mir7.690Pakistan Asia
    Chogolisa7.654Pakistan Asia
    Shispar7.619Pakistan Asia
    Gongga (Minya Konka)7.555China Asia
    Kula Kangri7.553BhutanAsia
    Muztaghata7.546China Asia
    Qullai Ismaili Somoni/ Qullai Kommunizma7.495Tajikistan Asia
    Nowshak 7.485Afghanistan Asia
    Jengish Chokusu/ Pik Pobeda7.439China/Kyrgyzstan Asia
    Haramosh7.406Pakistan Asia
    Ultar7.398Pakistan Asia
    Chomo Lhari7.313Bhutan/Tibet Asia
    Malubiting7.291Pakistan Asia
    Ogre (Baintha Brak)7.285Pakistan Asia
    Minipin7.273Pakistan Asia
    Langtang Lirung7.245Nepal Asia
    Ganesh Himal7.150Nepal Asia
    Kampire Dior7.142Pakistan Asia
    Nun Kun7.135India Asia
    Pik Lenina7.134Tajikistan Asia
    Baruntse7.129Tibet Asia
    Pik Korzhenevskoj7.105Tajikistan Asia
    Jugal Himal7.083Nepal Asia
    Urgend II 7.060Afghanistan Asia
    Kinjiroba7.045Nepal Asia
    Khan Tengri6.995Kyrgyzstan Asia
    Langtang Himal (Kyungka Ri)6.979Nepal Asia
    Aconcagua6.962Argentina South America
    Yamit6.940Afghanistan Asia
    Ojos del Salado6.880Chile South America
    Koyo Zom6.872Pakistan Asia
    Bonete6.872Argentina South America
    Ama Dablam6.856Nepal Asia
    Tirgaran6.843Afghanistan Asia
    Mercedario6.770Argentina/Chile South America
    Huascaran6.768Peru South America
    Tirgaran6.755Afghanistan Asia
    Llullaillaco6.723Argentina/Chile South America
    El Libertador6.720Argentina South America
    Mt Kailash6.714Tibet Asia
    Ghul Laast6.665Pakistan Asia
    Jaonli6.632India Asia
    Koheandaras6.628Afghanistan Asia
    Yerupaja6.617Peru South America
    Gangotri - I6.600India Asia
    Bremeh6.575India Asia
    Tupungato6.550Argentina/Chile South America
    Sajama6.542Bolivia South America
    Lasht6.504Afghanistan Asia
    Illimani6.439Bolivia South America
    East Ridge of Hiunchuli6.441Nepal Asia
    Ancohuma6.427Bolivia South America
    Coropuna6.400Peru South America
    Huantsan6.395Peru South America
    Huandoy6.395Peru South America
    El Toro6.380Argentina/Chile South America
    Ausangate6.372Peru South America
    Illampu6.362Bolivia South America
    Ampato6.360Peru South America
    Cerro Palermo6.350Argentina South America
    Las Tortolas6.332Argentina/Chile South America
    Parinacota6.330Bolivia South America
    Chimborazo6.310Ecuador South America
    Chinchey (Rurichichay)6.309Peru South America
    Juncal6.300Chile/Argentina South America
    Marmolejo6.300Chile/Argentina South America
    General Belgrano6.300Argentina South America
    Anyemaqen6.282China Asia
    Salcantay6.271Peru South America
    Olivares6.252Argentina/Chile South America
    Sigunaiang6.250China Asia
    Pomerape6.240Bolivia South America
    Chani6.200Argentina South America
    Aucanquilcha6.200Bolivia/Chile South America
    Huayna Potosi6.194Bolivia South America
    McKinley6.194Alaska North America
    Callaqui6.164Argentina/Chile South America
    Ranrapallca6.162Peru South America
    Stok Kangri6.137India Asia
    Queva6.130Argentina South America
    Chearoco6.127Bolivia South America
    Quemado6.120Argentina South America
    Chaupi Orco6.100Peru South America
    Chachacumani6.094Bolivia South America
    Solimani6.093Peru South America
    Copiapo6.080Argentina/Chile South America
    Pumasillo6.070Peru South America
    Guallatiri6.060Bolivia South America
    Chachani6.057Peru South America
    Acotango6.050Bolivia South America
    Cienaga6.030Argentina South America
    Nevado Acay6.000Argentina South America
    Tacora5.988Bolivia South America
    Sairecabur5.971Chile South America
    Kilimanjaro5.895Tanzania Africa
    Logan5.951Canada North America
    AlpaMayo5.947Peru South America
    Licancabur5.921Bolivia/Chile South America
    Ticlla5.897Peru South America
    Cotopaxi5.896Ecuador South America
    Hkakabo Razi5.881Burma Asia
    Mururata5.868Bolivia South America
    Volcan San Jose5.850Chile/Argentina South America
    Cayambe5.840Ecuador South America
    El Misti5.822Peru South America
    Champara5.795Peru South America
    Simon Bolivar5.776Colombia South America
    Cristobal Colon5.776Colombia South America
    Citlaltepetl (el Pico de Orizaba)5.754Mexico North America
    Antisana5.753Ecuador South America
    Huaycay Huilque5.750Peru South America
    Gigante Grande5.748Bolivia South America
    Urusa5.735Peru South America
    Tunshu5.730Peru South America
    Cashan5.723Peru South America
    Cayesh5.721Peru South America
    Santa Rosa5.706Peru South America
    Murrorajo5.688Peru South America
    Machu Sochi Conchi5.679Bolivia South America
    Lascar5.675Chile South America
    Damavand5.671Iran Asia
    Raujunte5.650Peru South America
    Condoriri5.648Bolivia South America
    Elbrus5.633Russia Europe
    Soral Oeste5.640Bolivia South America
    Katantica5.592Bolivia South America
    Jallacata5.557Peru South America
    Surihuiri5.556Peru South America
    Yankho Huyo5.512Bolivia South America
    Ritacuba Blanco5.493Colombia South America
    Mt St Elias5.490Canada North America
    Castillo5.485Argentina/Chile South America
    Yana Cuchilla5.472Peru South America
    El Altar (Obispo)5.465Ecuador South America
    Chinchina5.463Peru South America
    Popocatepetl5.452Mexico North America
    Cerro El Plomo5.450Chile South America
    Cerro Burro5.450Peru South America
    Bogda Shan5.447China Asia
    Cunurana5.420Peru South America
    Pico Mayor5.365Colombia South America
    Aricoma5.350Peru South America
    Nevado El Ruiz5.335Colombia South America
    Iliniza Sur5.305Ecuador South America
    Foraker5.303Alaska North America
    Cerro Quenamari5.294Peru South America
    Volcan Maipo5.290Argentina/Chile South America
    Ixaccihuatl5.286Mexico North America
    San Julian5.275Peru South America
    Sangay5.230Ecuador South America
    Lucania5.228Canada North America
    El Altar5.222Chile South America
    Tolima5.215Colombia South America
    Rustaveli5.201Georgia Europe
    Batian Peak (Mt Kenya)5.201Kenya Africa
    San Francisco5.200Chile South America
    Morado5.200Chile South America
    Kirinyaga5.200Kenya Africa
    Dykh-Tau5.198Georgia Europe
    Nelion5.190Kenya Africa
    Sosneado5.189Argentina/Chile South America
    Mt Ararat (Buyukagri Dagi)5.165Turkey Asia
    Shah Fuladi5.143Afganistan Asia
    Vinson Massif5.140Antarctica The Poles
    Margherita Peak5.119Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Iliniza Norte5.116Ecuador South America
    Stanley5.110Uganda/Zaire Africa
    Cerro Negro5.100Chile South America
    Cerro Guane Guane5.097Chile South America
    Tungurahua5.087Ecuador South America
    Steele5.074Canada North America
    Kazbek5.047Georgia Europe
    Mt Blackburn5.037Alaska North America
    Puncak Jaya5.030Indonesia/ New Guinea Oceania
    Pico Bolivar5.007Venezuela South America
    Mt Bona5.006Alaska North America
    La Paloma5.000Chile South America
    Mt Sanford4.941Alaska North America
    Mt Speke4.890Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Naga Pulu4.862Indonesia Oceania
    Mt Baker4.844Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Mt Wood4.843Canada North America
    Alum Kuh4.840Iran Asia
    Sabalon Kuh4.821Iran Asia
    Monte Bianco4.807France/Italy Europe
    Mt Emin4.792Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Mt Vancouver4.786Canada North America
    Pico Espejoe4.765Venezuela South America
    Volcan de Purace4.756Colombia South America
    Trikora4.751Indonesia/ New Guinea Asia
    Klyuchevskaya4.750Russia Europe
    Shakhak 4.750Iran Asia
    Mt Gessi4.717Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Khersan 4.710Iran Asia
    Ushba4.710Georgia Europe
    Mandala4.701Indonesia/ New Guinea Asia
    Mt Fairweather4.671Canada/Alaska North America
    Teyotl4.660Mexico North America
    Ras Dashen4.620Ethiopia Africa
    Takht-e-Solaiman 4.659Iran Asia
    Monte Rosa4.634Italy/Switzerland Europe
    Mt Savoia4.627Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Siah Sang 4.600Iran Asia
    Marjinkesh 4.580Iran Asia
    Meru4.565Tanzania Africa
    Nevado de Toluca4.564Mexico North America
    Mt Hubbard4.558Canada North America
    Zardeh4.548Iran Asia
    Dom4.545Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Haftkhan 4.537Iran Asia
    Kirkpatrick4.528Antarctica The Poles
    Mt Bear4.527Canada North America
    Chaloun 4.516Iran Asia
    Mt Wilhelm4.510Papua New Guinea Oceania
    Karisimbi4.507Rwanda/Zaire Africa
    Mt Belukha4.506Russia Asia
    Mt Walsh4.506Canada North America
    Weisshorn4.505Switzerland Europe
    Siah Kamaan 4.504Iran Asia
    Rostamnisht 4.500Iran Asia
    Siahgug 4.500Iran Asia
    Cervino (Matterhorn)4.478Italy/Switzerland Europe
    Waynobar4.472Ethiopia Africa
    Shanehkouh 4.465Iran Asia
    Dena4.450Iran Asia
    La Malinche4.461Mexico North America
    Tliltepetl4.453Mexico North America
    Tzapotepetl4.450Mexico North America
    Hunter4.445Alaska North America
    Mikeno4.437Rwanda/Zaire Africa
    Buahit4.437Ethiopia Africa
    Suphan Dagi4.434Turkey Europe
    Mt Alverstone4.421Canada North America
    Hazar4.420Iran Asia
    Mt Whitney4.421California North America
    Abba Yared4.416Ethiopia Africa
    Kalahoo 4.412Iran Asia
    Mt Elbert4.399Colorado North America
    Mt Massive4.396Colorado North America
    Mt Harvard4.395Colorado North America
    Mt Rainier4.393Washington North America
    Portal Peaks4.391Zaire/Uganda Africa
    Williamson4.384California North America
    Menareh 4.378Iran Asia
    Kholeno4.375Iran Asia
    Azadkuh4.375Iran Asia
    Paloun Gardan4.375Iran Asia
    Mt Blanca4.373Colorado North America
    La Plata4.370Colorado North America
    Giluwe4.368Papua New Guinea Oceania
    Uncompahgre4.362Colorado North America
    Crestone Peak4.357Colorado North America
    Dente Blanche4.357Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mt Lincoln4.355Colorado North America
    Mischigu4.352Ethiopia Africa
    Grays Peak4.351Colorado North America
    Lalezaar 4.351Iran Asia
    Gardounkouh 4.350Iran Asia
    Torreys Peak4.350Colorado North America
    Mt Antero4.350Colorado North America
    Nazer4.350Iran Asia
    Mt Evans4.349Colorado North America
    Castle Peak4.349Colorado North America
    Longs Peak4.345Colorado North America
    Mt Quandary4.345Colorado North America
    Mt Wilson4.343Colorado North America
    White Mountain4.342California North America
    North Palisade4.341California North America
    Mt Shavano4.338Colorado North America
    Mt Princeton4.328Colorado North America
    Polemonium Peak 4.328California North America
    Starlight 4.328California North America
    Nadelhorn4.327Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Crestone Needle4.326Colorado North America
    Borj 4.325Iran Asia
    Elgon4.321Kenya/Uganda Africa
    Mt Bross4.320Colorado North America
    Dokhaharaan 4.318Iran Asia
    El Diente4.317Colorado North America
    Mt Shasta4.317California North America
    Mt Tabequache4.316Colorado North America
    Mt Sill4.314California North America
    Sneffels4.314Colorado North America
    Grand Combin4.314Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mt Democrat4.311Colorado North America
    Pikes Peak4.302Colorado North America
    Tres Hermans4.300Chile South America
    Cerro Arenas4.300Chile South America
    Kit Carson Peak4.299Colorado North America
    Snowmass Mountain4.296Colorado North America
    Windom4.295Colorado North America
    Mt Eolus4.294Colorado North America
    Lenspitze4.294Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mt Russell4.293California North America
    Mt Humbolt4.291Colorado North America
    Mt Sunlight4.286Colorado North America
    Split Mountain4.286California North America
    Handies4.283Colorado North America
    Culebra Peak4.282Colorado North America
    Mt Lindsey4.281Colorado North America
    Mt Sherman4.279Colorado North America
    Mt Little Bear4.279Colorado North America
    Redcloud4.279Colorado North America
    Mt Pyramid4.275Colorado North America
    Finsteraarhorn4.274Switzerland Europe
    Wetterhorn4.273Colorado North America
    Wilson Peak4.273Colorado North America
    North Maroon Bell4.272Colorado North America
    Mt San Luis4.272Colorado North America
    Holy Cross4.269Colorado North America
    Sunshine4.268Colorado North America
    HarzehKouh 4.265Iran Asia
    Mt Humphreys4.264California North America
    Mt Stewart4.263Colorado North America
    Lashgarak 4.256Iran Asia
    Kherschal 4.253Iran Asia
    Mitionchal 4.253Iran Asia
    Ghareh Dagh 4.250Iran Asia
    DoBerar 4.250Iran Asia
    Siyalan 4.250Iran Asia
    Cofre de Perote4.250Mexico North America
    Mt Kennedy4.238Canada North America
    Kamankouh 4.234Iran Asia
    Zard Kouh4.221 Iran Asia
    Divchal 4.220Iran Asia
    Tajumulco4.220Guatemala North America
    Chichimeco4.220Mexico North America
    Mt Iron Nipple4.216Colorado North America
    Kooloon Bastak4.210Iran Asia
    Siounza 4.208Iran Asia
    Gannett Peak4.208Wyoming North America
    Jorasses4.208Italy/France Europe
    Mauna Kea4.205Hawaii North America
    Sarkharsang 4.203Iran Asia
    Grand Teton4.197Wyoming North America
    Aletschhorn4.195Switzerland Europe
    Yakhchal 4.194Iran Asia
    Mt Morgan4.191California North America
    Mt Hayes4.189Alaska North America
    Dent d'Herens4.171Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mauna Loa4.170Hawaii North America
    Toubkal4.165Morocco Africa
    Mt Tom4.162California North America
    Breithorn4.159Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Tlaloc4.158Mexico North America
    University Peak4.156California North America
    Sarakchal 4.156Iran Asia
    Oshtoran Kuh4.150 Iran Asia
    Gelyasm (Resko)4.136Turkey Europe
    Muhavura4.127Rwanda/Zaire Africa
    Kings Peak4.124Utah North America
    Schiwana4.120Ethiopia Africa
    Buzul (Suppadurek)4.116Turkey Europe
    Naz o Kahar 4.108Iran Asia
    Jungfrau4.105Switzerland Europe
    Narges 4.103Iran Asia
    Pic Lori4.102France Europe
    Catedral4.100Chile South America
    Kal 4.100Iran Asia
    Cerro Retumbadero4.100Chile South America
    Mönch4.099Switzerland Europe
    Mt Gilbert4.098Utah North America
    Mt Emmons4.097Utah North America
    Cameroun4.095Cameroon Africa
    Aragats4.095 ArmeniaAsia
    Kinabalu4.094Malaysia Oceania
    Wind River Peak4.085Wyoming North America
    Schreckhorn4.078Switzerland Europe
    Ober-Gabelhorn4.063Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Kahno 4.062Iran Asia
    Gran Paradiso4.061Italy Europe
    Black Mt4.051California North America
    Diente del Diablo4.050Chile South America
    Pik Bernina4.049Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Taftan4.042 Iran Asia
    Kharsoun 4.040Iran Asia
    Mt Victoria4.038Papua New Guinea Oceania
    Mt Loveina4.030Utah North America
    Krestovski4.030Russia Europe
    Weissmies4.023Switzerland Europe
    Qurma 4.018Iran Asia
    Marcus Baker4.017Alaska North America
    Cloud Peak4.017Wyoming North America
    Mt Waddington4.017Canada North America
    Silverthrone4.015Alaska North America
    Geant4.013Italy/France Europe
    Wheeler Peak4.012New Mexico North America
    Lagginhorn4.010Switzerland Europe
    Francs Peak4.006Wyoming North America
    Boundary Peak4.006California North America
    Ol Doinyo Lesatima 4.001Kenya Africa
    Pasandkouh 4.000Iran Asia
    Mt Lyell3.998California North America
    Fletschhorn3.996Switzerland Europe
    Trunchas Peak3.995New Mexico North America
    Mt Dana3.995California North America
    La Meije3.983France Europe
    Wheeler Peak3.982Nevada North America
    Tezerjan3980 Iran Asia
    Wilson Peaks3.979Utah North America
    Acatenango3.976Guatemala North America
    Eiger3.970Switzerland Europe
    Grivola3.969Italy Europe
    Tochal 3.965Iran Asia
    Mt Robson3.954Canada North America
    Yu Shan (Jade Mountain)3.952Taiwan Asia
    Mt Owens3.946Wyoming North America
    Mont Pelvoux3.946France Europe
    Kuna3.938California North America
    Bietschhorn3.934Switzerland Europe
    Kackar Dagi3.932Turkey Europe
    Ushkovski3.930Russia Europe
    Mt Parker3.921California North America
    Roseg3.920Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Seytan Bogazi3.917Turkey Europe
    Palu3.908Switzerland Europe
    Kaputchugh3.906 ArmeniaAsia
    Granite Peak3.902Montana North America
    Ortler3.902Italy Europe
    Mt Gibbs3.891California North America
    Hsuih Shan3.884Taiwan Asia
    Mt Peal3.878Utah North America
    Blacktop3.875California North America
    Mont Blanc de Cheilon3.870Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mt Humphreys3.862Arizona North America
    Konigs3.859Italy Europe
    Borah Peak3.858Idaho North America
    La Grande Casse3.855France Europe
    Mt Wood3.853California North America
    Mirador del Morado3.850Chile South America
    Volcan Lanin3.845Argentina/Chile South America
    Gerdine3.841Alaska North America
    Monviso3.841Italy Europe
    Mt Deborah3.823Alaska North America
    Volcan de Colima3.820Mexico North America
    Dolent3.820Italy/France Europe
    Cerro Chirripo3.819Costa Rica North America
    Mt Simmons3.812California North America
    Kerintji3.809Indonesia Oceania
    Carpe3.802Alaska North America
    Grossglockner3.797Austria Europe
    Mt Erebus3.794Antarctica The Poles
    Mt Baldy3.792New Mexico North America
    Mt Santa Maria3.789Guatemala North America
    Mont Pourri3.779France Europe
    Mt Hagen3.778Papua New Guinea Oceania
    Fuji San3.776Japan Asia
    Wildspitze3.772Austria Europe
    Peutery3.772Italy/France Europe
    Mt Agassiz3.766Arizona North America
    Zufall3.764Italy Europe
    Cook3.764New Zealand Oceania
    Fuego3.763Guatemala North America
    Jabal Hadur3.760Yemen Asia
    Mt Waas3.759Utah North America
    Mt Adams3.758Washington North America
    Demirkazik3.756Turkey Europe
    Charbonnel3.752France Europe
    Grande Sassiere3.751France Europe
    Mt Lewis3.749California North America
    Mt Colombia3.748Canada North America
    Alvand3.746 Iran Asia
    Lam Whoa Shan3.740Taiwan Asia
    Weisskugel3.739Austria/Italy Europe
    Trout Peak3.733Wyoming North America
    Jicarita Peak3.733New Mexico North America
    Rinjani3.727Indonesia Oceania
    Diamond Peak3.719Idaho North America
    Teide3.718Canary Is Europe
    Sahand3.712 Iran Asia
    Mt Delano3.711Utah North America
    Visoke3.711Rwanda/Zaire Africa
    Jong Yong Gien Shan3.703Taiwan Asia
    Wetterhorn3.701Switzerland Europe
    La Dent Parrachee3.697France Europe
    Gunnbjorn Fjeld 3.694 Denmark/Greenland Europe
    Ibapah Peak3.684Utah North America
    Hyndman Peak3.682Idaho North America
    Ostri Tolbachik3.682Russia Europe
    Fortress Peak3.681Wyoming North America
    Semeru3.677Indonesia Oceania
    Mt Moriah3.674Nevada North America
    Grossvenediger3.674Austria Europe
    Les Bans3.669France Europe
    Mont Collon3.667Switzerland/Italy Europe
    Mt Witherspoon3.665Alaska North America
    Blumlisalp3.664Switzerland Europe
    La Grand Motte3.653France Europe
    Cliarforon3.642Italy Europe
    Vioz3.640Italy Europe
    Mt Nebo3.637Utah North America
    Albaron3.637France Europe
    Sabinyo3.634Rwanda/Zaire Africa
    Dammastock3.630Switzerland Europe
    Forbes Peak3.628Canada North America
    Hintere Schwarze3.628Austria/Italy Europe
    North Schell3.623Nevada North America
    Assiniboine3.619Canada North America
    T”di3.614Switzerland Europe
    Ronce3.612France Europe
    Chida Shan3.605Taiwan Asia
    Tsanteleina3.605France/Italy Europe
    Castle Peak3.602Idaho North America
    Mt Jefferson3.600Nevada North America
    Azhdahak3.597 ArmeniaAsia
    Kezelboghaz3.594 ArmeniaAsia
    Taiyabe Dome (Arc dome)3.590Nevada North America
    South Schell3.587Nevada North America
    Gallenstock3.583Switzerland Europe
    Mt Timpanogos3.582Utah North America
    Taft3.577Nevada North America
    Grosswiesbachhorn3.565Austria Europe
    Peclet3.562France Europe
    Presanella3.556Italy Europe
    Tronador3.554Argentina/Chile South America
    Adamello Peak3.554Italy Europe
    Leone3.553Switzerland Europe
    Mt Temple3.547Canada North America
    Vertain Spitze3.544Italy Europe
    Mt Bell3.540Idaho North America
    Atitlan3.537Guatemala North America
    Polset3.534France Europe
    Wazespitze3.533Austria Europe
    Currant Peak3.510Nevada North America
    Hochfeiler3.510Austria/Italy Europe
    Les Aiguilles D'Arves3.510France Europe
    Zuckerhutl3.507Austria Europe
    Sustenhorn3.503Switzerland Europe
    Yasus3.500Ethiopia Africa

    Murrey Maths Trading System

    Trading Guide

    1. Line 8/8 и 0/8 (Ultimate Support and Ultimate Resistance).
    Those lines are the most strong concerning Support and resistance.

    2. Line 7/8 (Weak, Place to Stop and Reverse).
    This line is weak. If suddenly the price was going too fast and too far and stops around this line it means the price will reverse down very soon. If the price did not stop near this line this price will continue the movement to the line 8/8.
    3. Line 1/8 (Weak, Place to Stop and Reverse).
    This line is weak. If suddenly the price was going too fast and too far and stops around this line it means the price will reverse up very soon. If the price did not stop near this line this price will continue the movement down to the line 0/8.

    4. Line 2/8 and 6/8 (Pivot, Reverse)
    Those two lines yield the line 4/8 only to the strength to reverse the price movement.

    5. Line 5/8 (Top of Trading Range)
    The price is spending the about 40% of the time on the movement between the lines 5/8 and 3/8. If the price is moving near line 5/8 and stopping near the line during the 10 - 12 days so it means that it is necessary to sell in this "bonus zone" (some people are doing like this) but if the price is keeping the tendency to stay above 5/8 line, so it means that the price will be above. But if the price is droping below 5/8 line it means that the price will continue falling to the next level of resistance.

    6. Line 3/8 (Bottom of Trading Range).
    If the price is below this line and in uptrend it means that it will be very difficult for the price to break this level. If the price broke this line during the uptrend and staying above during the 10- 12 days it means that the price will be above this line during the 40% of its time moving between this line and 5/8 line.

    7. Line 4/8 (Major Support/Resistance Line).
    It is the major line concerning support and resistance. This leve is the better for the new sell or buy. It is the strong level of support of the price is above 4/8. It is the fine resistance line if the price is below this 4/8 line.

    Forex Profit System

    Hello traders,
    My friend would like to sharing their indicators with us, double click on the picture above if you wanna know how to use this indicators.

    Basic Rules :
    1. bbands stop, heiken Ashi dan SEFC084
    > All of this indicators should be on the same trend direction, the probabilities to get false signal is too high if you enter the market without following basic rules.

    This indicators can work in any pairs that you like it.

    Below is the example of pair and timeframe using :

    * GBPJPY --> input change to 27 and only suitable on TF30M.

    * USDJPY --> input change to 27 and only suitable on TF15M

    * GBPUSD --> input change to 22 and only suitable on TF15M

    * EURUSD --> input change to 22 and only suitable on TF15M

    Take Profit : 20pips dan Stop Loss : 40pips or hold position until the bband stop appear.

    The education of Pakistan‬

    Mr Waqar is the Principal of the Pakistan Public School and he is ...

    Daily FX Market Outlook by AceTrader-24-6-2011

    Market Review - 23/06/2011 21:33 GMT Euro rebounds as Greece reached agreement with EU and IMF on austerity plan Euro pared intra-day losses on Thursday after source indicated that Greece has reached agreement with European Union-International Monetary Fund inspectors on five-year austerity plan.
    00:53 GMT  24 June 2011,  Friday

    The single currency initially extended fall from Wednesday's New York high of 1.4442 to as low as 1.4287 in Asian morning. Later, the release of weaker-than-expected Eurozone manufacturing and services PMI in June (which came in at 52.0 and 54.2 versus the economists' forecast of 53.8 and 55.5 respectively) pressured price again at European opening and then tumbled to session low of 1.4126 in New York morning on concerns over two-day meeting of European Union leaders which would seek ways to avoid the euro area's first sovereign default before recovering in New York afternoon as Greece was reported to reach agreement on Austerity and price rebounded to about 1.4260 near New York closing. 
    Greek government spokesman Elias Mossialos confirmed talks concluded with European Union-International Monetary Fund inspectors on austerity plans and said 'I have just talked to the minister of finance, who reported that discussions between the government and the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) have been completed and we are moving to the adoption by Parliament next week of the mid-term targets and the first implementation law'. 
    In euro crosses, the single currency tumbled against the Japanese yen and Swiss franc. Eur/jpy and eur/chf fell from session highs of 115.42 and 1.2070 to as low as 113.85 and a fresh lifetime low of 1.1847 respectively before rebounding to about 114.75 and 1.1950 near New York closing on Greek austerity agreement. 
    Earlier in the day, the US dollar strengthened broadly on Thursday on weakened U.S. economic outlook and persistent concern over Greek debt crisis prompted investors to increase holding of safe-haven assets. The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against six other major currencies, rose to session high of 75.80. Aud/usd tumbled from session high of 1.0571 to 1.0455 whilst usd/jpy and usd/cad rose sharply from 80.29 and 0.9714 to 80.80 and 0.9825 respectively. 
    Sterling also ratcheted lower on Thursday on US dollar's broad-based strength and cable penetrated 1.6000 level for the first time since April 1 on expectation that the Bank of England would hold interest rates steady increased after U.K. reported CBI retail sales balance dropped to the weakest in a year (-2 in June versus the economists' forecast of +10 and previous reading of +18 in May), price reached a session low of 1.5938 in New York morning before recovering. 
    Commodity prices also fell sharply as spot gold and silver prices retreated from $1,548.80/oz and $36.33/oz to $1,513.50/oz and $34.73/oz respectively. 
    European and U.S. stock markets were pressured by broad-based risk aversion. Britain's FTSE 100, France's CAC-40 and Germany's DAX fell by 1.71%, 2.16% and 1.77% respectively. Dow Jones Industrial Average once dropped by more than 200 points and eventually closed the day at 12,050, down by 59.67 points or 0.49%. 
    In other news, Greek opposition leader Antonis Samaras said 'government policies must be corrected; only change in policies will enable Greece to repay its debt'. Eurogroup Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker said 'we'll talk today about a second package for Greece; all conditions must be met by Greece, there is no plan B.' 
    On the data front, German manufacturing and services PMI in June came in at 54.9 and 58.3 versus the economists' forecast of 57.0 and 55.7 respectively. U.S. jobless claims came in at 429,000 versus economists' forecast of 415,000. 
    Data to be released on Friday include: 
    EU Ifo business climate and Ifo current accessment; U.S. durable goods, GDP annualised, GDP deflator and PCE core on Friday.

    EUR/USD Intra-day signal by AceTrader

    Forex signal: Sell on minor recovery with stop as indicated, break wud risk stronger gain to 1.4352/57. INTRA-DAY EUR/USD OUTLOOK Last Update At 23 Jun 2011 05:35 GMT Rate : 1.4297

    Although 1.4286 has contained the selloff fm
    y'day's high of 1.4342 n minor consolidation wud be
    seen but as long as 1.4332/33 holds, aforesaid fall
    to retrace upmove fm 1.4073 shud resume for re-test
    said sup, below wud extend to 1.4253/54.
    Sell on minor recovery with stop as indicated,
    break wud risk stronger gain to 1.4352/57.

    Range Forecast
    1.4286 / 1.4320
    R: 1.4342/1.4386/1.4429
    S: 1.4286/1.4253/1.4191

    Daily FX Market Outlook by AceTrader 23-6-2011

    Market Review - 22/06/2011 21:36 GMT The greenback rises after Fed Chairman Bernanke's post-FOMC press conference The greenback strengthened against its major counterparts after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke quashed market's speculation on another round of quantitative easing, boosting demand for U.S. dollar as safe-haven assets. Eur/usd, gbp/usd and aud/usd retreated from session highs of 1.4442, 1.6263 and 1.0651 to 1.4342, 1.6060 and 1.0566 respectively whilst usd/jpy and usd/chf rebounded from session lows of 80.02 and 0.8340 to 80.38 and 0.8431 respectively.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said 'U.S. economic headwinds might be stronger, more persistent than previously thought; don't know exactly how long is the extended period for extraordinarily low interest rates; extended period is at least 2 or 3 meetings ahead; Fed projects unemployment to come down very painfully, slowly; Fed were to stimulate economy further, it could do more securities purchases, cut interest paid on bank reserves.' 
    Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee statements said 'U.S. economic recovery continues at moderate pace but somewhat more slowly than expected; inflation has picked up in recent months but will subside as effects of commodity, energy prices rises dissipate; to keep rates exceptionally low for an extended period, keeps Fed Fund rate in 0-0.25%'. 
    Earlier in the day, the single currency retreated from Asian high of 1.4419 and dropped to 1.4354 in European morning after comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said 'countries such as Greece and Portugal have quite long way to go before they return to economic growth and become competitive' and release of weaker-than-expected Eurozone April industrial orders, however, buying interest there lifted price and euro ratcheted higher to 1.4442 in New York morning before easing on profit-taking ahead of Fed's rate decision, euro later fell to 1.4342 after Bernanke's press conference.  
    The British pound fell from Asian high of 1.6263 and later nose-dived after the release of the minutes of June 8-9 Monetary Policy Committee meeting which showed the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee judged the growth outlook had weakened and some members raised the possibility of future quantitative easing. Investors pushed back bets that the Bank of England would increase interest rates until after May 2012. Cable dropped to 1.6093 in New York morning and later edged lower to 1.6060 on dollar strength. 
    In other news, the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee voted 7-2 to kept rates on hold at 0.5% with new Monetary Policy Committee member Ben Broadbent as expected choosing to vote with the majority and not followed the lead of his predecessor, Andrew Sentance, in calling for higher rates.  
    European Central Bank and European System Risk Board (ESRB) President Jean-Claude Trichet said 'most serious threat to financial stability link between vulnerabilities in public finance and banking system; debt problems have potential contagion effects across European Union and beyond; banks will disclose full size of sovereign exposure and by maturity in stress tests; the threat of the debt problems is a red warning signal for stability'. 
    On the data front, Eurozone April industrial orders rose by 0.7% m/m and 8.6% y/y versus the economists' forecast of 1.0% m/m and 14.2% y/y respectively. 
    Data to be released on Thursday include: 
    Swiss trade balance; Germany manufacturing and services PMI; EU manufacturing and services PMI; U.K. CBI distribution trade; U.S. jobless claims and new home sales. Sign up for FREEUpdates.