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Summary: This article teaches that how to add  Google Analytics to blogger and linked your Blogger Blog to Google Analytics provide complete details about your visitors incoming

By this useful article you teach that how to add Google Analytics to blogger blog and linked your blogger blog and to provide complete  details about your visitors, really it is very useful for Blogger owners. The procedure of adding up together a free tracking program like Google Analytics is comparatively very simple. Now I will guide you through  step by step that you will increase and access very useful data about the kind of traffic accessing your blogger blog. Google Analytics will help you lookafter  your Blogger Blog and target your contents to gather the requirements of your visitors and readers.

Procedure How to include Google Analytics to Blog

1.    Login to Google Analytics account with your login. If a few reason you desire to create a new account you can do so but be aware that you will misplace the reward of accessing other Google services such as Google Webmastertools and Google Adsense without having to log out. After that click on the Sign Up button and you will be in use to the Analytics - New Account Signup page. Enter your blog URL like  account name, country, and time zone on this page. It is a good thought to prefer a general name like as Mike's Account since this will be the account name for something from 1 to 100 websites. In the next screen you will be prompted to enter your personal details: your name, phone number and country. Complete these and click on Continue button. After that you will be look the final sign up page is the Terms of Agreement screen. Once you agree to these your sign up is complete.

2.    After completing the signup process Google Analytics provides you with a code block of javascript to be added to your Blogger Blog. Now copy the code show up the code block and use the command Ctrl + C to rapidly copy the code to the clipboard of your computer. Leave the window open as you are going to return there. In a new window login to your Blogger blog at  navigate from the Dashboard to the Layout tab. From the Layout menu choose the Edit HTML link (third from the left after Page Elements and Font and Colors). You are going to be adding up a small bit of code to your template so care needs to be taken here not to overwrite any existing code. As a safety measure it is sensible to backup your template at this point. For more information follow the picture is given below:

3.    To insert the code block to your template you will require placing the code that closes the body tag. This will be very near the bottom of the template. You will need to paste the code block immediately before the tag look at the following picture very carefully. 

4.    Now paste the code block position the cursor in front of the tag and utilize the command Ctrl + V. Once the code is placed in your template and you are certain it is positioned properly click on Save Template. All going well you have now effectively added Google Analytics to your Blogger blog. Go back to the Google Analytics window. On the Overview page you will observe details about your blog such as Reports, Status, Visits etc. If there is a tick in the status column your Analytics code is working properly. 

5.    In this regard if the Status contains a yellow triangle symbol with an exclamation mark inside do not desolation it just means that Google has not yet updated details of your site. Check back in 24 hours as it can take Google sometime from installing the code to actually providing reports. Once Google Analytics is fruitfully receiving data about your  Blogger Blog you can start to create use of the riches of information.

Solve Problems

After 48 hours the status still shows a yellow triangle you may require troubleshooting. A yellow triangle is displayed when the code is not detected or not verified. In this regard check your  Blogger template to make sure the code block is pasted in the correct position or not if code is not paste on correct position you should be copy again and place it on correct place. 

Further help:

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