As always i am confused. And why shouldn’t i .Among the 180million inhabitants of my country who are somehow thought as incompetent and ignorant ,I think of myself a little different from them. And why shouldn’t I think that why when the rest of the lot think the same way too. I am more privileged then the 80% of my fellows. The literacy level I have is shared only by 5% in the country. But still even though no matter how hard I try or if I don’t try at all to be different, I am same like the rest of my countrymen. I am restless yet quiet about what happens around me. I am literate yet I believe in conspiracy theories like all other. And I’m always confused. I ask questions to find the answers. But I get more confused, or rather worse I’m mostly thrashed hardly because of my questions. To me pieces of puzzle don’t form the picture. I want to join them together but no one let them be that way. Why can’t I get confused when I always have to choose among the two things. For some part of population one thing maybe sin, but for the other maybe ritual. I’m stuck in the crossroads of right or wrong, power or people, money or minorities. Why won’t I get confused when I see my own govt. confused upon the killing of osama bin laden as if it’s a victory or defeat. When the sitting govt. ministers blame and thrash their own govt forgetting they are also part of it. When the saviors of our lives starts killing us brutally and mercilessly. When our intelligence agencies couldn’t find out about attacks on military installations but can easily track , kidnap, and kill a man who didn’t have any other weapon apart from his pen. When the divide between rich and poor increase so much that imported cat food starts getting sold at a price which can feed a complete family of 5 . But maybe this place if for cats and dogs to come, sit, enjoy the feast, relax, and walk out.

How I can have peace of mind when I can’t decide whether religion should be my priority or humanity. How can I stay safe when I think of minorities and speak for their rights and I’m thrashed upon with hard words asking for me to fulfill my religious obligations? I am not at all saying that this country or the religion has some problem. I respect and love both. Problem but lies within us. When it becomes hard to distinguish whether Islamic principle of jihad is right or its certain interpretation is wrong. When it becomes a matter of concern that those madrasah’s whose sole objective was to bring peace become the academies of violence. How can you decide whether these schools for those poor souls who otherwise can’t afford education are doing some good for them or bad for the nation. We emphasize giving the poor there rights but we do so by stripping the poorer from their rights. We never give away our own guard to them. We talk of equality in Islam and we should bring that in our life but we don’t let our maid to eat in our utensils. For us religion holds foremost importance but we never try to understand or implement religion. We can kill 1000 of people on the name of Islam but we won’t hold anyone accountable for the name of humanity. To us minorities are untouchables forgetting that Islam and our own state law talks of their rights. We won’t I get dissatisfied when a foreigner kills 3 people and walks out of country without even his passport with him but a man being shot and killed for just allegedly trying to steal . When our jails would be full of numerous innocents but our parliament would be short on them. What should I feel when a Chief justice is reinstated with the hope and desire of getting justice but he just start playing a media circus and nothing more. To this day Supreme court has not took any action in the missing persons case. Where is the justice now? For which Chief justice was thought as the only guardian and savior. We made a lot of hue and cry over the HEC funding issue. I think it was all for nothing and it isn’t required to keep it working. We don’t need education. As for me it’s making us more and more confused. Some other method can we have please?
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