Add Free Blog Blogger in Blog Directories increase traffic

Summary: By this useful article you will teach that how you submit  free Blog Blogger in Blog Directories and how you drive traffic through Blog directories and also mention list of popular Blog Directories   

By this useful article you will learn that how you submit free blog blogger in blog directories and how increase traffic quickly to submit  blog in main blog directories. I think this is good way to drive traffic for your free blog blogger. There are lot of blog directories are available online from which I introduce the following useful and major blog directories their details have been given below: 

BlogCatalog is a social society for bloggers and one of the major blog directories online. It is a best choice to start encourage your blog and to join with other bloggers. BlogCatalog propose lots of concerning choices you can include a button or Meta tag for confirmation. 

2.  TopBlogArea

The Top Blog Area figures for every month are rearranged to zero to provide everybody a chance of being highly rated and there is no option for visitors to vote.


Top blog lists directory is fine his ranking of pages is done according to the number of unique readers every blog carry in to Top Blog Lists.

Blog Top Sites
Blog Top Sites Directory ranking of the pages are done according to the number of sole visitors each blog obtained in a month. 

Top of Blogs

Top of Blogs Directory receives lot of visit on daily basis, weekly , monthly also. It is very suitable for blog owners.


Blog top list directory has a tracking button which follows the number of readers and visitors and it shows the rank of your blog. It requires two buttons to be located on your blog and further called voting button which gives votes for you.

Blog Pulse Directory is very important it tacks lot of blogs you can also submit your blog without further delay really it is very best service in the blogging world.


Blog Flux directory has a best control panel and it has millions of blogs. You can sign up easily and add your blog manually and it will include it automatically. 


Blogorama is most popular its score boost depending on variables like users ratings, incoming traffic and outgoing traffic source.

Technorati is very useful and important Blogger Directory and very most popular, you can signup free and submit your blogger rss and url address free.  

My Blog Directory
 : My blog directory is the basis of the number of sole readers and visitors going to the directory per day. The blog of the day finds the entire of the blog traffic it gives you lot of taffic. It is necessary that if you want to more directories please check the Great Blog Directories for a list of free directories.  Really it is very great source of traffic you can add.

Function of Blog Directories

Blog directories need to place their “button” everywhere on your blog. In some cases the button's function is to follow visitors and readers through your blog to the directories. Some buttons may imitate the ranking of your blog in liaison to other blogs which their category are selected inside the directory. If you want to keep belonging of your blog to the selected directory, first you should be register and then go to sign up procedure. Before submitting your blog in blog directories please implement on the following points: 

1. During the submitting of your blog in blog directories you require the URL address of Feed burning service check it with carefully.

2. Hold your email with carefully and give suitable email address in blog directories which email address you are using in blog directories is to be verified otherwise make new email address.

3. Verify top ten keywords and keyword phrases it used in blog directories as a tags.

Suggestions and tips to increase Traffic

 When you will start to submit your blog in different blog directories traffic would be increasing day to day. If your blog has been suffering in despair condition and not receiving the traffic essentially you should be submit your blog in blog directories increase traffic. After that you should be hopeful lot of visitors comes back certainly to your blog. First sign up sign up properly with every blog directory and then start to boost traffic. If you are intending to enhance traffic significantly and have supported to set up new blogs rapidly by creating a viewers. I think lot of visitors comes in a day in 
TopBlogList and Blog Catalog  and signup daily it is very useful directories. 

In view of the above check your email boxes lot of blog directories have been sent authentication during the sign up. After that you should be start submitting your blog in blog directories. One time you have entered your blog in the blog directory it would make button code. After that press (Ctr+C) command and copied concerning code and paste it in HTML/Javascript widget. Now the same code shows in your blog side bar or you selected place.

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