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LG DoublePlay Review

LG DoublePlay review
LG DoublePlay is one of those smartphones that attempts to provide a practical experience in typing messages with its split-style QWERTY keyboard. Naturally, it comes off as a tangible distraction from the usual litter we’re normally accustomed to seeing, but will it actually enhance or improve the experience?…

Errors-by-US-officers-kill-Pak-soldiers UK paper

LONDON: American officers gave the wrong coordinates to their Pakistani counterparts as they sought clearance for the air strike that killed 24 friendly troops last weekend, UK's The Telegraph reported.

The report said: "A senior Pakistani military officer told The Sunday Telegraph that a border co-ordination unit - established to avoid exactly this sort of tragedy - was given incorrect details of a suspected Taliban position".

"The strike had begun before we realised the target was a border post," he said. "The Americans say we gave them clearance but they gave us the wrong information."

The co-ordinates had been checked with a Pakistani officer to ensure there were no friendly troops in the area, the pilots believed, and the Apache attack helicopters and lone AC-130 gunship had been given the go-ahead to unload their deadly payload on the mountainside.

"But as dawn arrived it became clear that a terrible mistake had been made. Twenty-four Pakistani soldiers lay dead, their border posts were a smoking ruin and a crucial alliance had been poisoned."

Lock Picking a Tri Circle 264 with improvised Lock Picks

HAJJ pictures

A beautiful panoramic photo of Masjid-al-Haram in Makkah and the Ka'bah during HajjMuslims at Hajj
In New Delhi, India, Muslims offer Eid al-Adha prayers at the Ferozshah Kotla Mosque on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2008. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan)
Muslim pilgrims pray on a rocky hill called the Mountain of Mercy, on the Plain of Arafat near Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Sunday, Dec. 7. Nearly 3 million pilgrims converged Saturday around the holy city of Mecca at the beginning of the 5-day hajj pilgrimage, a lifelong dream for many Muslims. AP / Hassan Ammar



Increase blog traffic – 5 easy ways

This article is just one of many articles I publish each Tuesday called Traffic Tips Tuesday. Each post will provide you with a comprehensive tip to increase traffic to your blog or website. You can see all of the tips on the Traffic Tips Tuesday page.
New and experienced bloggers have at least two things in common, they want to increase traffic to their blog.  Traffic drives many things on your blog including earnings and growth.  There are many different ways to increase blog traffic, but here are 5 easy ways that new bloggers can easily start driving traffic to their blog:

Comment on other blogs in your niche

Commenting on other blogs in your niche should be a priority for all new bloggers from day one.  Commenting on other blogs does the following:

Watch live tv channels

watch Live SAMAA TV 
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watch Live Express News

Muft Pakistan Completed 10000 Posts

today Muft Pakistan Completed 10000 Posts
Congratulations To Team MuftPakistan and our sweet viewers

How to Invite Viewers with Event Gadget blogger blog

The Followers Gadget has been integrated with Google Friend Connect. You can now add all the gadgets available in Google Friend Connect to your blog.

One of these is the Event Gadget. It shows information about any event you want to inform blog readers about. The description, time, location, map is included. Viewers can join the event and see who else has joined the event. See picture at left. Other gadgets like Members, Comment Wall and Social Bar gadget can also be added.

To add this and other such gadgets to blog follow these steps........


1. Login at and check the Remember Me box while doing so.

2. Go to Google Friend Connect. You will see all your blogs listed in left sidebar under 'Sites'.

3. Click your Blog Title and it will expand to show submenu below it.

4. Click on 'Social gadgets' link.

5. Click on 'Event Gadget' link.

6. Under Options select and choose the various options like Page, and fill in your Event's Title and Description. Choose the start and end dates and the Timezone. Fill in the Location, address and Media URL which is link of the picture or logo of your event.

7. Choose the gadget's size to fit your sidebar or you may have to increase blog width.

8. Lastly click Generate Code button.

9. Copy the code given and paste in a HTML gadget in your blog.

10. Similarly you can add any of the other gadgets available like Members gadget and Comment Wall gadget. You can see these gadgets in action at top of third column in this blog. The social Bar gadget is at the top of the blog.

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