Alan Bollard

lan Bollard is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
Dr Alan Bollard was appointed as Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand in September 2002.
Dr Bollard's previous positions include:
  1. Secretary to the Treasury 1998- 2002.
  2. The Treasury manages the Crown's finances and is the Government's principal economic adviser. 
  3. Chairman of the New Zealand Commerce Commission 1994 - 1998.
  4. The Commission is the regulatory authority in charge of the Commerce and Fair Trading Acts, which governs competition between firms. 
  5. Director of the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research 1987 - 1994
  6. The Institute provides advice on applied economics and forecasting. 
Dr Bollard has also worked as an economist in a variety of positions in the United Kingdom and in the South Pacific. Dr Bollard has written a number of books on the New Zealand economy, has produced a computer simulation game called Oikonomos where one plays at being the Minister of Finance, and has helped rebuild the famous Phillips hydraulic economic simulation model "the Moniac". He is married to Venture Capitalist Jenny Morel and they have two sons, Albert and Lewis. Sign up for FREEUpdates.