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Summary: Through the training of this useful  article unveiled all secrets of  RSS Feeds and also gives some tips regarding  functions of RSS feeds for increasing of blogger traffic and all benefits of RSS feeds

By this useful article you teach that how you set free blogger blog RSS Feeds at Feedburner. The function of blogger blog RSS Feeds are that to distribute your Blogger contents in all over the world through Internet. Feeds construct your Blogger contents potentially and to develop it when visitors browsing your blog. RSS Feeds allocate your Blogger content to be wrapped up into all sorts of widgets and gadgets and mobile devices that can be presented just about everyplace and also subscribed by web portal, news reader, or email. RSS Feeds are uniformed web format used to make a document holding your Blogger posts. Blogger comments or any other contents on your blogger blog you prefer as well as video, music and images. Since Blogger has built in RSS feeds every time you publish a post Blogger automatically insert your post to the default feeds. Open your account in, then navigating your Blogger blog goes to settings of Site Feeds of your Blogger. Make sure that you have chosen it full or short format and your Blogger post has displayed in RSS Feeds. If you want to burn your blogger RSS feeds click here.

 Blogger automatically creates your blog's RSS feeds in both Atom and RSS. In this regard RSS is very popular as the preferred format for RSS Feeds. RSS and Atom were raised to allow people to obtain automatic updates of their favorite Websites and blogs. Whereas the format of both are unusual they do attractive a lot the same work which is to output efficient content from your free blog blogger  in a format that can be simply read in a feed reader. Look at the following URL of default Blog Feeds.
Blog Post Feeds

1.   Atom Feed 


2.   RSS Feed 

Blog Comments Feeds

1.   Atom Feed   
2.  RSS Feed

Blog Label-Specific Feeds

1.  Atom Feed
2.  RSS Feed 

Bring up Visitors to Subscribe RSS Feeds 

Frequently you have seen an orange icon on Blogger Blog it indicates RSS feed. If you want to set up RSS icon to your Blogger Blog and setting up a link to your posts all readers and visitors will be able to view your feeds. Now you have facilitated the Subscription Links widget in Layout, Page Elements, Add Gadget readers and visitors are given the choice to subscribe your posts and comments feeds. On the other hand you can burn your Blogger Blog feeds with a free feedburning service like Feedburner. The Feedburner service is now owned by Google and can open it through your Google account. Now if you want to include Google Adsense on your feeds it is a best suggestion to burn your feeds. Please read my article adding Google Adsense to Blogger RSS Feeds for support and setting up Google Adsense for your Blogger Blog feeds. If you want to support with burning your feeds at Feedburner you also read my article Burn Blogger RSS Feeds at Feedburner.

By burning your blog's feeds at Feedburner you will be redirecting the Blogger default feeds to the new Feedburner feeds. When you place a link to your blogs feed visitors and readers will have immediate contact to your feed. If you have 20 posts in feed posts it will able to browse all of these in sequential orders complete with images. If you have lot of posts chose to burn label feeds also in particular groups. Readers and visitors also have the choice to subscribe any of your burned feeds in a large number of feed reader applications such as Google Reader, My Yahoo, Bloglines, Net Vibes, Newsgator to name a few. The benefit to the readers and visitors of subscribing is that they do not have to stay visiting your Blogger Blog to keep up with your latest posts. As a substitute they can read the most recent posts of all their favourite blogs from their readers and visitors which gather all their feed subscriptions into one middle place. Look at the following picture.

The choice bring up to date through a web-based feed reader is appropriate more and more popular with visitors and readers. However any visitor or reader did not return to your Blogger Blog that your feeds expand your blogs reach.

Advantages of Feed Burner

In this regard Feedburner can supply exact statistics about the number of subscribers to your feed. If you want more advantage place a Feedburner Feed Count button on your blog which displays the number of these subscribers. Further I want to bring something in your knowledge that Feedburnr provides Tracking Statistics of Subscribers. There are many reasons to burn your blog feeds at Feedburner but the main facility to track your feeds to increase a better understanding of your blog's viewers. It is helpful to identify that how many peoples are opening and reading your feeds. Feedburner offer an easy method of tracking feeds that would be hard to track. By redirecting your Blog default feed to FeedBurner, significant feed statistics such as the total number of subscribers, feed reader used, exist hits, items used, item views, item link clicks and item inclusion downloads for podcast can be recorded and analyzed. Further draw more readers to your Blogger Blog and plug into a large network of eyeball than you might have on your own account makes Feedburner a good-looking choice. One more advantage of Feedburner is that it allocate for fresh illustration set-up of your
RSS feed for improved browser sociability and appearance. Enhanced presentation of your RSS feed is a powerful cause to start redirecting your blog feed throughout Feedburner. Advantage your readers can select their readers directly from the feed.

Range Services of Feed Burner

Your Blogger Blog feeds at Feedburner obtained the range of services like Podcasting and the option and litheness of participating in the Feedburner. Feedburner allocate you to simply analyze, publicize, optimize and monetize your feed. Feed burning tolerate readers to subscribe anyway of what feed reader they happen to be using. If you want to know more about RSS Feeds and at Feedburner please read my article Burn Blogger 
RSS feed at Feedburner.

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