How to add Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo drive traffic

Summary: Through the training of this article you will learn that how you verify and add Blogger Sitemap to Yahoo and also describe correct methods step by step about verifying Yahoo Meta tag in Blogger Blog

By this useful  tutorial will teach you how you add Blogger Sitemap inYahoo and drive traffic quickly.  When Blogger Blog indexed by popular Yahoo, really it is good way to drive  traffic more and more. Now submit your Blogger Sitemap on Yahoo because Yahoo search engine is very famous in the world of Internet. How you will submit Blogger Sitemap toYahoo Site Explorer read step by step instructions and tips in this regard. First see the procedure of signup with Yahoo. I can not say Yahoo is slow to index the posts of your Blogger blog because Yahoo is very popular like Google.  If you have read this article carefully and implemented on my instructions, certainly  your Blogger posts will be crawled properly and quickly. See the following important and main points:

1.    Verifying Blogger by Meta Tag
2.    Submit Blogger Sitemap  

1.     Verifying Blogger by Meta tag  

First if you have not Yahoo account made account on After that sign in  Yahoo Site Explorer and you will see My Sites Page and then enter your blogger URL and press Add My Site button. After that look your blogger blog address included in the list. You will observe that the status of your Blogger blog will place “represented by a yellow circle”. Click on the link to your blogger blog and click the Explore button. You will be in use to the results page and should obtain a following two messages. 

1.     By uploading a verification file to my site   
2.    By adding a META tag to my home page

In this regard two main authentication options will appear shown above and then select one option No.2 “By adding a META tag to my home page” from the drop down menu. After that press Ctrl +C command copy the code shown in picture given below:

Now login in your blogger blog  keep window of Site Explorer. Navigate to Layout > Edit HTML in your blogger blog. When you turn up at the template page, it is a fine idea to create a backup of your blogger template to avoid from any inconvenience. Download it in any place of your computer by clicking on the Download Template link. You have backed up your Blogger template and now search the Head tag and paste the Meta tag before this code line   <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>. Now come back to Yahoo Site Explorer and check "My Site" link that your Blogspot Blog position has been confirmed then you will show a "green"checkmark. 

2.     Submit Blogger Sitemap 

Next go back to the "Site explorer home" and click your Blogger url and after that click on feed and type in the address bar rss.xml  or atom.xml it helps yahoo to discover more of your Blogger content via your rss or atom feeds and to index your Blogger pages quickly whenever your Blogger is updated. Now, you have successfully submitted your blogger sitemap to  Yahoo. Check your account after a couple of days and you will see your Blogger Blog  indexed in Yahoo. For more guidance follow the picture is given below:

In view of the of the above you have seen the above useful article about how to submit blogger sitemap in yahoo search engine and drive traffic more will be very useful for new and other blogger owners, if you like it please leave your comments.
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