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Pashto Female Singer Ghazala Javed Biography and Photos
Ghazala Javed the new smart singer of pashto music, Ghazala Javed is the famous singer of Pashto music, Ghazala Javed has a lot of fans in Pashto world, She has a sweet voice.

She started early singing in the of 2004 and now she is a popular pashto singer. She has a sweet and clear voice. she is very famous in young pashtoon generation. Ghazala is now establishing her voice for new generation. her voice often seems so soft than Nazia Iqbal, Ghazala Javed got married to a man in Peshawarin 2009, Ghazala Javed was also a dancer, She has dance sometimes in weeding parties, Ghazala Javed has an attractive face...... maybe She came into Pashto film or telefilms industry, Ghazala Javed has sung with Rahim Shah, When they sang this song "Za sta yama Janana" and "Ta khukoli qudrati yaw gul da fasarli" in 2010 that song has gone very popular in pashto music world and fans, After that Ghazala Javed is on Sky
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