heavy monsoon floods across country expected

                World weather specialists predict heavy monsoon, floods across country

World weather specialists have predicted that extra heavy rains and floods will take place in rivers during current monsoon across the country.

During recent snowfall in Northern areas including Azad Kashmir, all records of the past were broken and now due to increase of temperature, process of snow melting has started there.
According to Meteorological Department, the monsoon rain will shower more than the routine while drought is expected in some parts of Balochistan and Cholistan.
After devastation of floods in 2010, breaches emerged at over 4500 places in river and canals across the country. According to marine experts, extra rains can create more difficulties this year as those thousands of breaches, in rivers and canals, have not been fixed yet.
Owing to the scarcity of dams in Pakistan, the additional water of rains turns into trouble instead of blessing in many parts of the country.

The concerned authorities must complete security arrangements before start of rains to avoid any possible mishap.
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