CIA/RAW back TTP insurgents?

Do CIA/RAW backes TTP insurgents for the activities in Pakistan.
IS the government involved?
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Zaid hmid on CIA and raw

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid- Exposing the agenda of CIA/RAW on AlJazeera news. Difference between TTP and Al-Qaeeda. Reality of Al-Qaida by Zaid Hamid
Another View by Zaid hamid!

CIA Threat to Pakistan Episode 9, Zaid Hamid Discussing CIA & RAW game in Pakistan, how they want to incircle Pakistani Neucler Assets, killing Army Generals and alead class of Paksitan by the help of Tehrik-e-Taliban Paksitan. FAKE CIA & INDIAN backed taliban.

This POST is because
We lost another 8 sons yesterday including this brave officer who died defending this Pak Sarzameen against CIA/RAW backed TTP insurgents and Kharjis! Their blood is nourishing a dead nation into rising on path to glory! Stay blessed Mannan, you have done your duty with loyalty and Ishq of Rasul Allah (sm). InshAllah, we will carry this flag and will never betray our Shuhada!

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