Pakistan-Iran-Turkey Train and Road

Review on Relations of Pakistan-Iran-Turkey by ZAID HAMID
What most of the Pakistanis do not know is that Pakistan-Iran-Turkey are already working on a massive project to build a land bridge within the Ummah via Train and Road, alhamdolillah. First test trains from Islamabad have already arrived in Istanbul after 6500 km long journey via Iran. The Ummah is being united under a common collective economic and security strategy.

The enemies are in Afghanistan and are supporting the violence in Baluchistan and FATA to prevent such a union of Muslim nations. The biggest nightmare for the enemies is a united Ummah.

That is why Pakistan's rail system has been destroyed by the traitor ANP. That is why BLA is active and blowing up rail lines in Baluchistan. That is why Shia Muslims are being killed in Quetta to ignite a war between Pakistan and Iran. That is why US is in Afghanistan to prevent such a linkage. That is why TTP is created to destroy Pakistan from within. That is why SAFMA was created to act as Information warfare weapon for the Zionists. That is why Zardari is still supported by the enemies to bring about a collapse of the Mediana e Sani. That is why US is so keen to break off Baluchistan from Pakistan. That is why media is creating a bype about missing persons in Baluchistan.

Now do you see the bigger picture?????? DO NOT be fools and idiots in the hands of enemies. Know your enemy and friends and do not be on the wrong side of history. A great destiny awaits Pakistan. These difficult times you see would seen end, InshAllah. Ummah is going to be one. Muslims are rising once again and we control the destiny of the world, alhamdolillah, with Pakistan as their leader!!! This is written in Loh e Mehfooz, alhamdolillah, as Baba Iqbal has predicted, MashAllah! Sign up for FREEUpdates.