what Imran needs to do to bring a CHANGE?

what Imran needs to do to bring a CHANGE? by MUFTPAKISTAN

Imran Khan is the future of Pakistan, and there is no shred of doubt about that. HOpe is here and that burning hope is due to the promises of change which Imran Khan has brought to the table. No force on this earth can stop Imran Khan from coming to the power, Allah willing.
Imran Khan and his PTI team must understand that people of Pakistan from every walk of life have tied up all their hopes and dreams and wishes with him. They are waiting for change. Imran has to make sure that he doesn’t disappoint the nation, because it would be the end, as there is no one else behind, and people doesn’t want another round of political shenanigans.
So what Imran needs to do to bring that CHANGE?

  • He must refrain from using abusive language for the opponents. He must ignore them.
  • He must come out with facts, figures and a complete workable program as how he intends to eliminate the load shedding of gas and power from Pakistan and in how much time estimate.
  • He must table his policy regarding Taliban, drone attacks and all this war.
  • How he intends to turn around the economy of the Pakistan.
  • How would he create harmony among the provinces and the different ethnic and religious groups?
  • How would he change the thana and court culture?
  • How would he reconstruct and improve the patwar khana and land records.
  • Would he toe the establishment line, or would he work with them, or would he confront them?
  • What’s his media policy?
Imran Khan must understand that unless and until he addresses the above points, people would soon loose the attraction of his slogans. I am a true well-wisher of him and his party as I have been with them throughout, but I seriously think that its about time that PTI let us know the direction on above points, as we are getting disillusioned and bit confused.

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