Environmental Outlook Of Pakistan in the Next Few Decades

Topic by MuftPakistan/Sidrah Zaheer Environmental Outlook Of Pakistan in the Next Few Decades

According to many environmental experts, after almost twenty years, the glacial melt-water will be coming to an end and the total flow of the Indus system would also decrease to half. This whole loss of water will be in three rivers in Pakistan that will have devastating effects on the country’s agricultural production and hence its economy.

To change this harsh scenario for Pakistan in the next twenty years, the government must do something sufficient to take control of the situation. This would be the environmental reality of Pakistan that will certainly affect the country.

But in terms of Pakistan’s GDP growth rate, currently it is 6 per cent, it will have a GDP of $436 billion in 2030 and the per capita income would only be around $1800. With major part of the country’s budget given to military expenditures, it would be spending millions of dollars on militarisation by 2030. This will lead to slow growth rate of development in economy and a poor graph performance on literacy rate.

To take responsibility and to manage Pakistan’s natural resources, it is important that the government takes action now. Planning for a better future which will not only be environmentally secure but also politically viable, the experts should be paid heed to in the policy making circles. Already the region of South Asia is of global strategic importance to the superpowers. It is not just the oil, gas and petroleum that make this area politically sensitive, but on a scientific level too, the predictions are a bit frightening.

Hence, the solution that comes first to mind is to make policies and spend in the way of developing environmental infrastructure to change scenario in our favour that will provide for our agricultural backbone of the economy and sustain employment for the people.


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