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Take A look at Warid BOL ANMOL OFFER.

You expect the best rates and superior network quality from Warid.  But we are always looking to exceed your expectations, because we know how to take care of our family. 
Keeping in line with our tradition of providing innovative and exciting offers to our family members, we present the “Warid Bol Anmol Program”.
All you have to do is spend as low as Rs. 10 a day on the network and you will be rewarded with an immediate bonus with our “Bonus Rozana Program” and you’ll be automatically entitled to the “Bonus Mahana Program” also. The more you spend, the more you get. Keep using your Warid connection and keep winning!
You thought your words were precious; they just got even more valuable…
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is “Bonus Rozana” offer?

    “Bonus Rozana” is an offer for prepaid a subscriber that gives them instant bonus on their daily usage.
  2. How does it work?

    On usage on Rs 10 or more every day you are entitled for bonus calls and SMS.
  3. What is “Bonus Mahana” offer?

    “Bonus Mahana” offer gives you bonus according to your monthly usage.

  4. How does it work?

    You can get bonus after every 5th day of daily usage of Rs. 10.
  5. What if I spend more than the minimum amount of Rs. 10 on a daily basis?

    If you spend more than Rs. 10, you will receive even more bonus through the “Bonus Rozana” offer. However in case of the “Bonus Mahana” offer, bonus will be given after 5 days.
  6. What if I do not spend a minimum of Rs. 10 everyday, maybe every alternate day, will I still get my bonus?

    Bonus amount is awarded based upon your usage up to a certain level every day. The bonus is based on a minimum of 5-day usage and a maximum of 30-day usage.
  7. Who is eligible for these offers?

    These offers are available to all Warid prepaid users.
  8. How can I make bonus amount?

    You can make Bonus on usage on on-net calls.
  9. If I am entered in “Bonus Rozana”, am I automatically entered in the “Bonus Mahana” offer?

    Yes! You are automatically eligible for the “Bonus Mahana” offer based on your daily usage.
  10. Are there any subscription charges to avail these offers?

    No! There are no subscription charges.
  11. When will I receive my bonus amount and how will I know when I win it?

    You will receive your bonus immediately after making on-net call. A notice will be sent to you via Flash message.
  12. How can I use my bonus?

    Bonus can be used for on-net calls, on-net & off-net SMS. However, it cannot be used for off-net calls, GPRS, MMS or international calls.
  13. How will I be charged if I have bonus available?

    All on-net calls, on-net & off-net SMS will be charged from available bonus.  Once the bonus is consumed, your main account will be used.
  14. How can I check my bonus?

    You can check your bonus by dialling *200#.
  15. Can I share my bonus with friends & family?

    No! Your bonus cannot be shared.
  16. What is the expiry of the bonus?

    There is no expiry for the bonus.

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