Pakistani burnt Rs 22.5 billion on Messaging in 2011

Farig Qoum!

Karachi: Pakistan’s mobile phone users have been severely affected with SMS addiction as they spent Rs 22.5 billion for generating 175.6 billion text messages in 2010.
The texting fever caused by the bundles offers and lowering charges of cellular operators on their networks that showed of 15.66 percent or 23.75 billion in 2010 compared with 2009 numbers, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Report on SMS said.
The report said that an averaged mobile phone user exchanges 4.7 or (5) text messages every day or 142 SMS per month approximately in Pakistan.
The research’s calculations are based on the Mobile originated SMSes only (same as sent or generated SMS) during the 2010.
The total SMS activity (TSA) of the subscribers in 2010 said that figure (Sent plus Received) would approximately be 350.785 billion (twice the 175.393).
This analysis of Y2010 is based on the 12 months data from January 2010 to December 2010, so the percentage error is reduced due to minimum estimations in the analysis.
As per our study, the SMS traffic was exchanged at an average rate of 12.8 Paisa (Rs. 0.128) per SMS in the year 2010. The rates of SMS have generally being reduced from the previous year, which stood at 27 Paisa (Rs. 0.27), showing reduction of 47 percent YoY.
Almost 20 percent of the SMS traffic is estimated to be exchanged over flat rate. All the operators have offered different flat rates.
All cellular operators offered attractive SMS-bundle packages, which is approximately 80% of the total SMS traffic is assumed to be exchanged over bundle packages.
Bundle packages were usually around 700 SMS/week/subscriber in Y2010, of which we assumed 700 SMS/Month/Subscriber being utilized, this averages out around 25 SMS/ Day /Subscriber.

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