Dog`s day

Dog`s day at Gilgit airport

A PIA flight coming in to land at the airport was told to abort the landing. —File photo RAWALPINDI: A PIA flight coming in to land at Gilgit airport on Monday was told almost at the last moment to abort the landing,
sending the pilot into a rage. Civil aviation sources said the air traffic control (ATC) at the airport calmed him down by informing him that the runway was being cleared for him of a hazard a dog. As the pilot pulled up the aircraft, the airport staff went vigorously after the stray dog. The `bird shooter` employed to keep the airport clear of birds was also called in butmissed the sprinting dog who eventually went out on its own. After this, the plane was allowed to land. It may be remembered that a sacrificial cow was spotted on the runway at Benazir Bhutto International Airport some years back despite the fact that a ban had already been imposed on grazing of cattle near the runway. Often stray dogs crossed over and roamed on the runway but after construction of a wall along the runway, such incidents have become very rare,` an airport official said. Sign up for FREEUpdates.