Most Amazing Caves in the World top 8

Here's 9 Most Amazing Caves in the World By Muft Pakistan

There are so many places on Earth is unexplored and untouched by humans, human exploration of adventure who want to know about the unique nature of this world, especially the berwujudkan a Cave.

This is Goa's most stunning and fascinating in the world:

1. Crystal Cave
In 2000, some miners at a depth of 1,000 feet (about 304.8 meters) underground cave in which was found a pile of crystals,

this proves there are still many outstanding natural wonders that man has not found it. Crystal cave is located near the mining town of Naica Xigeqiwa Mexico, there is a lens that there are many large holes, stretching in all directions, some of which are found in the history of the largest crystal. Cave in the water for nearly 50 years, and formed a giant crystal.

2.Jari Goa
Jari cave which is located in western Scotland,

uninhabited island of Staffa, which consists of a series of giant box of hexagonal basalt composition. epic poet of the 18th century Scottish James Mack Folsom. Because the upper curve which will issue a strange voice, and send a voice that sounded like Gaelic, "which means cave melody".

3. Stewart's Ice Cave
Salzburg, Austria, 40 kilometers south of the city Wuelfing, caves are the largest ever found. His name is "Stewart or the ice cave." Scientific Anton Posselt in 1879 the first exploratory studies he returned before the local

people already know this cave, this cave like hell, "This is why the locals dare not adjacent to the cave. This cave has 42 km in length, but only at the beginning of kilometers or more covered with snow and ice, which is due to a shift from the outside into the snow to melt, stop at the top of the cave, to other nodes on the ice in winter, the cycle formed during many years. Ice Cave became famous tourist destination and attracts about 20 million visitors annually.

4. Mammoth Cave
As is known the world's longest cave,

Mammoth Cave National Park in the United States, very surprising. Located in Kentucky, which stretches along 251 km, which not long be found. The name comes from the length of this cave is impressive, but without the historic relics in it.

5. Blue Hole
Sea caves are famous on the island of Capri Italy. This stunning sea cliff erosion blue hole formed by the Millennium, magical and spectacular.

Blue Hole is filled with beautiful blue water and sunny, the sun shining through the inlet, shiny surface. In Roman times, is believed to be witches and monster homes, but that did not stop today's visitors to visit, is still one of the most popular attractions are adadi Capri.

6. Cave Swallow
In December 1966, the first time information on the Cave Swallow,

which is located in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico hole depth of 427 meters. It attracts many tourists, especially athletes like skydiving for mengujinyalinya. The walls of this cave is a habitat or nests of birds, parrots and various bird species found in this cave.

7. Class Goa
"Dongzhong" in Chinese means "hole", the East in the cave there is a school.

The cave is located in China's Guizhou Special Reference to Water Town, opened in 1984 as a school, starting with 186 students and eight teachers. cave is because thousands of years of weathering, erosion and seismic changes in the water. Now is such a small building, room, where sports and entertainment, everything contained in it.

8.Goa Carlsbad
Carlsbad caverns in southeastern New Mexico, Guadalupe Mountains,

is the third largest cave in the United States, in the late 19th century was found by Fang Niuwa Jimuhuaite. There are many cave features large rooms: New Mexico Room, King's Palace, Queen's Chamber and so on more than 100. In 1930 officially became a national park, and since then, every year there are 40 million tourists come to visit.

9. Goa Gong
Goa Gong in the limestone hills located in the village of Bomo,

Punung District, about 30 kilometers from the town of Pacitan. The road to the cave has been very good so they can target using any type of motorized vehicle. Still, worth a watch, the way to the cave sharply winding and berjurang.

Entering the cave, we are immediately treated to stunning views. Panorama in the cave is so beautiful. Limestone stalactite and stalagmite that forms naturally around the walls and adorn the sky cave. Grow exotic rocks scenery when watered by the lights of different colors at once for street lighting. Sign up for FREEUpdates.