Why I Chose Imran Khan?

"Imran Khan says that in order for terrorism to decrease, Pakistan must exit the war on terror and hence refuse US aid. His critics argue that this is indeed Pakistan’s war and that US aid is necessary. Here again, I agree with the PTI.

My contention is that Pakistan is targeted because it is assisting the United States in the war. As for whether this is our war or not, it definitely is now, but I don’t believe that it can be solved by conflict. Withdrawing from the war would reduce terrorism since we will lose the label of American agents. The tribal areas of Pakistan have a history of never losing wars and aimlessly dropping bombs on random areas from unmanned aircrafts will only result in more civilian deaths and new radicalism."

I have brought the issue of American Aid so many times on this forum and has been consistent that we should get out of it, so Imran is not the only one. Withdrawing from tribal areas will not reduce terrorism, and this is where he is absolutely wrong. Pakistan had terrorism long before 9/11. Terrorist are not going to decide how we should conduct our foreign policy, it is we the voters who elect people. Secondly, if tribal areas are part of Pakistan then Pakistani laws and its jurisdiction has to apply. If Army wants to leave tribal areas then it should also leave Balochistan and sindh, because we also have local traditions and we don't want any army near us. If Pakistan doesn't control tribal areas then it also can't defend them against drones. This apologetic behavior towards terrorist and acting like Hercules to America is very hypocrite of Imran. I don't want Pakistan to loose its territory to the terrorist just as I don't it to be lost to India or America. And finally how many people from these tribal areas contribute to our taxes. Technically, Pakistanis gov't doesn't have to protect tribal areas because people over their don't pay their taxes.

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