CandlePro Strategies Article!

As you can see this article has turned from a simple couple page article into a full-blown tutorial/multi-page beast. It is now counting many dozens of pages, dozens of images/graphs, etc. Now this is a good thing for everyone as the more details that are provided the better but I’ve had to chop it up again to keep it manageable. In this section (Part 2) we’ll look at how to introduce a trading plan into CandlePro, the basic trading steps of a CP strategy, and, of course, four Basic and Intermediate trading strategies using CandlePro.
The THIRD AND FINAL (I promise) part of this article will be out this week and will include four additional Advanced and High Probability trading strategies to use with CP. Sorry to chop it up again but, like I said, this really is the best for everyone in the long run as you get the most amount of info in the best format. Additionaly I’ll be releasing this as a PDF for CP Pro users to download and print for reference. Sign up for FREEUpdates.