Pakistan Public School and College

Hello and welcome to Pakistan Public School and College!
Selecting a school for your child is among the most important decisions you will make as a parent, so I appreciate the time and thought you are giving to the process. PPS&C, in my view, is exceptionally well crafted to address the academic needs of today's students, but more importantly, we excel in addressing the emotional and developmental needs of children. Fundamentally, we believe the most important goal of a quality school is to help develop exceptionally positive self-images and to inspire children to want to learn - not just in school, but throughout their lifetimes. We strive to help young people become confident, healthy, constructive, talented and well-adjusted young adults.
For families new to PPS&C, it will soon become clear to you that we are not a traditional school. Many parents consider PPS&C to be the most dynamic and exciting school they have seen, and most say to us, "I wish I could have come to school here," within the first few minutes of their visit. They say this, I think, because they are not accustomed to seeing the high level of energy, passion, joy, curiosity and engagement of the students who attend The PPS&C and the teachers with whom they work. Our students don't spend most of their time behind desks or reading textbooks. Rather, they are actively engaged in the learning process both inside and outside of the classroom. At PPS&C, learning is meaningful, relevant and real to students.
Ultimately, you want to find "the right fit" between a school, your values, and the needs of your child. The best way to know if our school is right for you and your child is to see it firsthand, so I encourage you to contact us and arrange a personal visit.
I look forward to personally meeting you and engaging in a conversation about your child's education and how PPS&C may be able to play a vital and positive role in his/her life.
Mission Statement
The Pakistan Public School and College engages children, ages three to fourteen,
in joyful, meaningful and creative learning
through an adventurous, theme-based, experiential curriculum.
Our diverse community works as a partnership,
cultivating excellence in academics, character and collaboration,
as we prepare our students for life-long learning,
service and citizenship.
Statement Of Philosophy
We believe in the intrinsic worth of every individual. All humans have the ability to learn and each learn in different way. We provide different strategies and techniques to nurture the love of learning in every student.
The dignity and self-worth of every person must be balanced with the needs of society. Understanding the ethnics’ values of honesty, modesty and self-discipline, we pledge to build and inspire respect, including an acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity.
Personal responsibility is a key to self-development we monitor appropriate behavior in order to acquire motivation for students to become self sufficient and compassionate as productive citizens.
We are committed to promoting trust through free and honest dialogue and debate to show that differences can be resolved through understanding, communication and compromise.
We help students build resourcefulness in order to assets themselves in the community for this purpose students are encouraged to get internships during the winter and summer vacation. Through different societies and clubs students participate in planning decision making and implementing.
To stimulate learning and nurture interpersonal skills we stream upon the importance of teamwork and in the dynamics of working in large and small groups.
We believe that success is built upon solid bonds between the triad, students, teachers and parents, but we also recognize community as a crucial partner in the education process. Sign up for FREEUpdates.