Sounds like a cracked record, but if your credit record is not clean and clear you will not get any loan or if you do you will pay a hefty penalty in high interest costs.
So some key factors when financing a home loan, financing a car, financing any asset whether it isshareblock, fractional ownership or just needing debt consolidation or a loan.creditreport1 Keep your Credit Clean.
Get your latest credit report today – free or pay for it, its cheap and quick, but do it.
Understand your payment profile – who you owe, who you pay, when and how.  Do not be late ever.
Adverse can be fixed so call the folks you owe money to and sort this out – it will not go away.
Judgements need fixing but will take a long time because they have to go to court, so get a lawyer you know and  trust today.
Trace Alerts – mean that people are looking for you.  Not to give you money,m but to get their money.  Sort it out. Phone them, and sort it out else this will become an adverse and worse a judgement.
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