Sharam tum ko magar nahin aati

KARACHI: In a shocking incident that came to light late on Wednesday night, Rangers personnel were found involved in the killing of a young man in cold blood in public. The authorities in their earlier version had claimed that the man was killed in an encounter in Clifton.
The incident was captured by several people on their cell phone cameras. The gruesome footage later found its way to television channels. The incident occurred at the Benazir Bhutto Park in the early evening. Afsar Khan of Shireen Jinnah Colony had registered an FIR accusing the young man Sarfraz Shah of trying to rob him at gunpoint.
However, the footage on television channels later revealed that the young man was captured unarmed by the Rangers and shot in cold blood point blank in public. He was seen pleading for his life while surrounded by a group of Rangers personnel who fired shots at him in full public view.
After the incident, relatives and supporters took the body of the young man to the CM House and protested outside. They demanded that an FIR be immediately lodged against the Rangers personnel and those involved be arrested.
After the footage was aired, Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who was in Karachi, assured angry reporters that action would be taken against those responsible and the Rangers officials involved would also be arrested. A judicial inquiry has been ordered, he said.
The CM also ordered that an FIR be lodged. Subsequently, the FIR was lodged on behalf of Syed Salik Shah, a journalist and brother of the deceased at the Boat Basin Police Station. A Rangers spokesman Major Bilal claimed that Rangers had initiated a departmental inquiry and will act against those reponsible.
Two Rangers personnel, Shahid and Afzal, of the Abdullah Shah Ghazi Rangers 32 Wing had reportedly been arrested in connection with the murder. Former minister and PPP MNA from Lyari Nabeel Gabol said common citizens are being killed while murderers are being set free.
He said the power of the Rangers should be withdrawn and trust in the Rangers after the emergence of the footage had ended. He said those involved should be hanged publicly. The Crime Reporters Association has also condemned the killing and joined the protesters outside the CM House.
Rangers killed an Unarmed Young Boy Extra Judicially in Benazir Park Near Clifton Karachi. MQM Leader Wasay Jalil & Mustafa Azizabadi in strong words condemns the incident and demand actions against the Rangers Personals involved in this Extra Judicial Act.
6 9 2011 72999 1 Unarmed Boy Brutally Killed By Rangers in Karachi, Exclusive Video
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