Pakistan needs Small government

What works? and what doesn't work?

Government can't solve problems or take Pakistan out of crisis.
Government is in fact a hurdle in Pakistan's growth. Private sector is the key to Pakistan's economy.
Whenever you ask a question, how can we grow our economy? Their is typical easy response that Government needs to put money in thar coal, it needs to do this, or do that. But in reality, all the government needs to do is step out of the way of private sector and the people. And it should only focus the basic aspects and things needed for an state to function properly. When we say that gov't should spend money on any project or program, we are basically asking American taxpayers/IMF and other entities to do it because they are the ones who give money to our gov't. So the most the gov't can do and must do is spend less and focus on the following.

Rule of Law
Rule of law plays a very important role in economic growth. Pakistan doesn't have rule of law. Specifically, the property right laws, copyright laws. If people feel confident that their property will not be snatched either by the government or any group, they can use it to start their business. Right to one's property means he or she can use it for whatever purpose and possibly make money out of it. Pakistan either doesn't have these laws or even if it does, they are never implemented. Pakistani courts are still corrupt, so people take these laws in their hands.

Skilled labor/Education
Again a debate in Pakistan is not about how we can improve our math and science curriculum, but whether we should have segregated or coeducation, or should we have urdu medium or english medium. Some people including "The great Dharna Khan" suggest that we should impose education emergency. The best the gov't can do for education is step and privatize all gov't schools and universities or any program. Private schools and Unis have outperformed many gov't educational institutions. And it will also give people more choice to where they want to send their kids.

Fair Tax system
The tax system that is easy to implement and doesn't discriminate against anybody will increase gov't revenue, and people will hold politicians accountable and question where their money is being spent. I favor low taxes for everyone, because it leave more money in the hands of people and there is no better way of stimulating the economy other than lowering taxes. Even if rich gets low taxes they go out and start more businesses with an extra money they save from the government.

These are the basic things that should have been done, debated, implemented when Pakistan was created. And this is what can save Pakistani economy, not a gov't investment in Thar coal or Reko diq, steel mills, or Benazir income support program, and etc Sign up for FREEUpdates.