F-Secure’s ShareSafe application Defends Against Spam On Facebook

F-Secure’s ShareSafe application Defends Against Spam On Facebook!

We all know them — those suspicious messages that appear in our Facebook feeds and draw our attention, like, “I can’t believe who looks at my profile the MOST! Click here!!”

Facebook users have a resource to defend against spam and malicious links posted on their walls or newsfeeds with the launch of F-Secure’s ShareSafe application.

For years, PC users have used antivirus software to defend against attacks, so it’s a sign of the times that there is now a spam app to protect Facebook communities.

With ShareSafe, links can be scanned before they are posted to users’ own wall. And other users can see when links have been sent through and approved by ShareSafe, increasing the likelihood that a link will be clicked on or shared.

F-Secure security advisor Sean Sullivan said in a news release announcing ShareWare:

People now share via social media more than by any other method. Online criminals and tricksters are exploiting this to make money from spam, scams, and malware. ShareSafe is a fun application that also provides a useful service for family and friends, making Facebook a safer place for everyone.

The company is also taking a page from media and gaming sites by building a community around ShareSafe content. For example, there’s a “Top Links” feature that promotes new and interesting links that users might find relevant. ShareSafe users can also earn points and badges for every safe link they share, or for every link that earns a like or is clicked on by others. Points can currently be redeemed for licenses on other F-Secure products.

Because the app is currently in beta testing, it is available free-of-charge here.

Readers: Will you investigate anti-spam apps for Facebook?


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