photos of ships lost in BERMUDA TRIANGLE

 Photo Ship Lost in the Bermuda Triangle - According to records, more than 50 ships and 20 aircraft lost in the region. These include:

 1. Flight 19
 Fearsome reputation of the Bermuda Triangle began on December 5, 1945, when the plane 19 - squadron of five U.S. Navy disappeared in routine practice. The planes are in good condition and have been checked thoroughly. Not only the cause of the mysterious, but also the fact that the squadron had disappeared during peacetime, it means less likely they were shot down. This photo shows U.S. Navy Grumman TBF Avenger, a plane similar to Flight 19.

2. Ariel Star
 Agree passenger aircraft G-Star Ariel's British South American Airways lost on January 17, 1949. The plane was flying over the Bermuda Triangle of kindley Field, Bermuda to Kingston, Jamaica. The incident occurred when the weather is sunny. No one has ever found the plane wreckage. The seven crew and 13 passengers lost forever.

3. Sulphur Queen
 The tanker SS Marine Sulphur Queen carrying liquid sulfur and 39 crew disappeared in the south coast of Florida. Last communication with the ship carried the last time on February 4, 1963. Search crew launched into the disappearance of the location of the ship. During the two-week sweep, the team found only ruins the safety of ships and buoys. The story that developed later: the king of demons under the sea attracted to the smell of sulfur. See also the terrible shadow in the background of the photograph.

4. Cyclops
 USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in March 4, 1918 en route from Barbados to Baltimore. No trace is left behind. Ship and the crew and passengers, amounting to 306 people missing. It's the biggest loss of life in the history of the U.S. Navy - which is not the result of battle.

5. Nereus
 USS Nereus (AC-10) is a U.S. Navy ship during World War I. Its name is taken from the sea god Nereus in Greek mythology 00. Lost about December 10, 1941, en route to Portland, Maine from St. Thimas in Virgin Island. A total of 61 crew missing part. Interestingly, Nereus gone the same route to the USS Proteus who disappeared earlier.