A masterpiece of Islamic world's first clock


A masterpiece of Islamic world's first clock

This is the world's first Islamic hours created by the company Parmigiani Fleurier in Switzerland that uses the calendar Islamic calendar. Watchmaking world's first Islam is take as long as 20 years. Islam first watchmaker in the world that dedicates hours of his creation for the Muslim communities around the world.

The first prototype of Islamic clock was unveiled by Parmigiani high officials in Abu Dhabi hotel on Tuesday (11/02/2010). Inauguration of Islamic hours performed in the presence of irektur General of the National Council of Tourism and Antiquities, Dubai, Mohammed Khamis bin Hareb Al Muhairy.

Michel Parmigiani, Parmigiani Fleurier president who has made a clock of Islam said that the first launch will be conducted in Arabic, because the country is the world center of Islamic civilization.

Hijri calendar in the Islamic calendar is shorter than that used Gregorian calendar system west (1 year = 354 days). In leap years, the number of days forward one by one.

Islamic Clock is equipped with the appearance of thirty years of continuous Hijri calendar. In addition to hours and minutes, there is also a moon phase that affects the Muslim calendar. Dates run normally for 30 years and one day jump in the Hijri year.

Mechanical propulsion engine at the bottom of the clock and turned on manually using a lever. Span of 30 days will be marked with a Ruby gem types that move horizontally.

Very complex algorithms that makes Michel Parmigiani spent 20 years in order to apply it in a machine. Hours of Islam will be marketed locally in Geneva in January 2011, and shipments globally to the whole world will be available in February 2011.

Weight: 17kg
Material: Silver, Quartz, Ruby.
The time: The time is hours, minutes and date using the Arabic script and calligraphy.

The cost of making these Islamic one hour at a cost of U.S. $ 2.6 million.
Because of the high cost of production, the Parmigiani Fleurier will only produce a few pieces of Islamic hours in a year. They are also very selective about who can buy a clock Islam. What is clear, just rich does not guarantee that someone will be able to have hours of Islam.

"The taste and appreciation of art," said Parmigiani.

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