how to remove facebook ticker in firefox

how to remove facebook ticker in firefox!

Developer Russell Gilbert was the brains behind Feed Filter, which, in addition to the new ticker, blocks a host of other Facebook posts, including:

Not a fan of the new Facebook ticker, but also not a Google Chrome user? Fear not: These two Firefox extensions will get that offending component out of your sight.
  • Is now friends with someone;
  • Likes a page;
  • Joined a group;
  • Was tagged;
  • Events (announcing events and attending them);
  • Relationship changes;
  • Updated their profile;
  • Changed their profile picture;
  • Is at a place;
  • Was added to a group;
  • Commented on;
  • Likes (marketers won’t be too happy with this one);
  • Started using an app (except those users choose to display);
  • All applications (except those users choose to display);
  • Update your email address box;
  • Asked a question;
  • Answered a question; and
  • Others that are continually added as needed.
Feed Filter also enables users to:
  • Hide posts with specific words or phrases;
  • Create special application filter links on their newsfeeds to display posts only from selected apps;
  • Hide sections from the right sidebar (ticker, requests, suggestions, events), or move them to the top of the newsfeed; and
  • Automatically expand filters on the left-hand side of the homepage, as well as long posts or comments (those with “see more” links).
For Facebook users who are only concerned with removing the ticker, Ashley from TechnologyMob created Facebook Ticker Removal, a Firefox extension developed solely for that purpose.
Ticker haters: Have you installed any plug-ins, browser extensions, or other solutions to eliminate the ticker from your Facebook browsing experience?


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