For Some Users Facebook Top Navigation Bar is locked

For Some Users Facebook Top Navigation Bar is locked!

Readers tell us they see Facebook’s top navigation bar locked to the top of their browser windows, even as they scroll down the page.

This keeps within view the links for notifications, friend requests, the homepage, profile and account settings no matter where a user scrolls on Facebook’s page.

We don’t know what percentage of Facebook’s members have this test feature on their accounts, but so far, people who do have locking navigation bars are praising the development.
For many of us, Facebook’s highly iconic blue bar disappears as soon as we scroll down the screen about half an inch.
Like our most esteemed sibling blog Inside Facebook astutely points out, locking the blue navigation bar on people’s screens could keep some people from leaving the site after they finish looking at something; instead, these folks are much more likely to click on another link on the social network.
A locked top navigation bar also happens to appear on Twitter and Google Plus — stoking the fires of those not-completly-accurately claiming that Facebook is copying its competition. Sure, the new subscribe buttons and smart lists might follow this pattern, Facebook had friend lists way before Google Circles came about.
Readers, does your Facebook account lock the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen when you scroll down, and if so, how do you like this development?


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