Most Expensive Police Cars And Cool In The World

The most expensive police cars and super cool. police are often faced with criminal pursuit operations. To support their work a few countries, mainly in Europe and the United States to arm their police corps with exotic cars supercars alias. Obviously, the cars are powerful, superfast, and certainly super expensive.


Caparo T1 RRV, British-made supercar-like F-1 car was transformed into a police car. This car can accelerate from 0-161km/jam in 5 seconds. Looks like this is the fastest police car in the world today, even though this car is still a prototype and not yet mass produced. Designed to chase on the highway, the car engine configured V8-3, 5L is spewing power of 575HP at 10,500 RPM and top-speed limited to 322 km / hour. So, if you feel the car being chased, mending aside aja, deh. Sign up for FREEUpdates.