Pak Pilgrims brought message of Peace at Ajmer (India) Khwaja Moin-ud-in Chisti

Ajmer. ( India): A group of 454
Pakistani pilgris arrived in Ajmer on
Saturday morning to attend the Urs
of Khwaja Moin-ud-in Chisti bringing
message of peace and harmony.

The pilgrims said there should be
peaceful relationship between the
two countries. They said terrorism
the biggest threat to India and Pakistan.

On the other hand pilgrims complained
that they faced inconvinience during
their journey from Atari to Ajmer. They
wanted some relaxations in visa forma-
lities.. They arrived Ajmer by Delhi-
Ajmer Pak pilgims special train. They
were received by people of Cngress
and BJP parties at Ajmer.

For two hours Ajmer station plateform
was evacuted and teken over by CID,
GRPF, Police and RPF personnel. A dog
squad checked the station before their
arrival. On arriving Ajmer, pilgrims
greeted CID, Police Administration and
media persons and were plesed with the
welcome. Some kissed the land.

Justice Shagir Ahmed Kadri, Pak group
leader and and Lahore Highcourt Judge
said that thy had come with the message
of peace and brotherhood. " They love nd
serinity we get from this land and kind
of relations we have with this land can't
be expressed in words. Between India
and Pakistan relations between people
are good and harmonious. He also said
that he had been coming every year for
the last ten years.

Highcourt Lahore Judge also said that
they wanted AC coaches from Atari to
Ajmer but not so far accorded. Kadri said
there is no terrorism in Pakistan, " Media
has hyped it." Otherwise it would not be
possible to reach Ajmer Shareef.

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