Our Mindset Breeds Terrorism

Our Mindset Breeds Terrorism: Hassan Nisar, Nusrat Javed

That logic applies to these idiots too. Why are they so opposed and insensitive to the religious communities feelings. Don't they know that by their (journalists) rhetoric and aggressive stance, they are threatening them (religious people). When it comes to defending nationalism and religion, all logic or rational is automatically out the door. This is a scientifically proven fact. So, if the mulla retaliates, it is not his fault and he is not doing anything wrong. After all, he must defend his faith at all cost.

These people are paid agents hired to defame Islam. We must keep a careful eye on them. You will almost never see them or hear them talk all the illegal killings and rapes and other atrocities being carried out in Iraq, Afghanistan, and so many other Muslim countries.

The mulla is a single suspect in all this accusation game and hence is absolved of all charges.

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