Khaber Naak - 19th June 2011

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A veritable “gossip column of talk shows” where in a tongue-in-cheek manner politics, current affairs and society are under discussion focusing on pertinent issues that affect us all.
Khabarnaak” is a place where quintessential characters with different and opposing backgrounds come together and discuss, essentially, our society.
The show is hosted by Mr. Aftab Iqbal, a well known journalist and column writer. Over the years he has emerged as an influential opinion maker in our social landscape. He is the voice of reason on the show, providing timely and critical input to keep the impetus of the discussion vibrant and alive.

The host is joined on the show by two permanent guests; a politician and a retired general. They are antagonistic to each other’s opinions and views. Diametrically opposed to each other, they will form a one whole that is our society.

The show also has some regular audience members that insist on providing their own opinions, whether we want them or not.

Host: Aftab Iqbal
Director: Mumtaz Gohar Wattoo
Senior Producer: Shahbaz Safdar Ali
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