Dajjal caught on camera

The first 25 seconds gives us the name and later on he is captured on camera. No doubt it is the wonderful world of lens and cameras that finally we have been able to see dajjal in action. Never before in human history has dajjal been caught on lens which is a wonder in itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will appear two trends of unbelief before the end of time:

A terrible person who disguises himself under the veil of hypocrisy will appear in the Muslim world. He will lead the hypocrites and, denying the Messengership of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, will try to destroy the Shari‘a. Fortunately, a blessed person from the descendants of the Prophet‘s family will come up against him and, at the head of the people of sainthood and spiritual perfection, will eradicate this trend of hypocrisy.

The second trend of unbelief is an absolute atheism, a consequence of the philosophies of naturalism and positivism, strengthened by the materialist philosophy. Just as a wild, primitive man who does not recognize the King, and therefore does not recognize the different orders in the King’s army, from private to general, will have to attribute to each member of this army a sort of independent kingship and sovereignty; in the same way, each follower of this atheist trend will inevitably come to appropriate for himself some kind or degree of divinity. As a result, the man who will come to lead them, supported by some material and psychic means like spiritism and ‘hypnotism’ through various ways, will go so far as to deify himself. This man was referred to as Dajjal in the Prophetic traditions.

Dajjal is a human being like everyone. He is a conspirator, a stupid devil who has forgotten God. He deifies himself because of his tyrannical rule, the apparent splendor of his despotism. However, the trend of atheism, which he represents, is very mighty and comprehensive.

As to the false paradise of Dajjal, this is the passing fancies, the charming playthings and amusements of modern civilization.

It is thus in this dramatic episode of human history that the religion of Islam, which will have gained great strength through the union of a ‘purified’ Christianity, will disseminate its light to the majority of the world’s population. But shortly before the end of time a new trend of unbelief will appear and have an overwhelming influence on the world’s people. As a result, the great majority will slip into unbelief while a few will continue to preserve their faith until the Last Day. Nevertheless, God, out of His mercy for believers, will make them die just before the destruction of the world so that they will not experience this terrible event, and the world will be destroyed over the heads of unbelievers.

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