Ufone Packages new Internet Bucket

Karachi: Ufone has launched a phenomenal new mobile internet bucket which will enable internet enthusiasts use their mobile phones to browse the internet at a very economical rate. Taking another step forward in offering greater value addition; Ufone is offering this internet bucket at a daily charge of just Rs.0.99 and it is valid from 1am to 3pm. To subscribe to this bucket the users just have to dial 810 and enjoy unlimited internet to download songs, send or receive attachments and mails at the speed of light. Users will also be able to remain connected on all social media networks. After the first opt in to the bucket, it will automatically re-opt every day. This bucket is available to all pre-paid users of Ufone. To unsubscribe to the offer the user can dial the short code 7810. There are no charges to unsubscribe to the bucket. Users using hourly internet package cannot subscribe to this package. Mobile Internet is used by majority of the world’s mobile operators. Time and time again Ufone has offered unmatched packages and discounts that have met the changing needs of their customers. Ufone has always been keen to introduce the most competitive internet buckets in the market. While discussing the offer, Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said that it was a great accomplishment to develop such an economical Internet bucket for Ufone’s pre-paid customers. He stressed that the Pakistani telecom market was an example of rapid advancement when it came to brilliant Internet bucket options. He acknowledged the team at Ufone who put in their best efforts and continue to meet the expectations of Ufone’s subscriber base.

By Muft Pakistan

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