Pakistan is Ranked 19 in 21 richest Islamic Countries

is Ranked 19 in 21 richest Islamic Countries
London: A new Forbes ranking of the wealthiest nations is out, and if wealth is power, then Qataris have some serious muscle to flex. Qatar has the third-largest reserves of natural gas in the world, and it has invested heavily in infrastructure to liquefy and export it, as well as to diversify its economy. The only Islamic nuclear power Pakistan is ranked 19th in 21 richest Islamic countries per capita in the world. 21 richest Islamic countries are:
Qatar: $79,000
Brunei: $51,600
UAE: $49,600
Kuwait: $48,900  
Bahrain: $40,300
Oman: $25,600
Saudi Arabia: $24,200
Malaysia: $14,700
Turkey: $12,300
Iran: $10,600
Tunisia: $9,400
Algeria: $7,300
Egypt: $6,200
Jordan: $5,400
Syria: $4,800
Indonesia: $4,200
Iraq: $3,800
Yemen: $2,700
Pakistan: $2,500
Sudan: $2,300
Bangladesh: $1,700 Sign up for FREEUpdates.