Gilani appoints new ISI chief Muft Pakistan

Sir Zaid Hamid Views :
Nation salutes General Pasha for his brave and dignified stand to defend this Pak Sarzameen. Ideally, we would have wanted him to stay to hold the fort longer but InshAllah, he is going for more important duties. He deserves our respect, love and sincere gratitude for defending our beloved Medina e Sani against almost impossible odds. Realize that it is almost impossible to protect Pak sarzameen when the very government, the media and the politicians are after the blood of the millat and major wars are being fought within the country. Still, our dear General fought hard, fought bravely and held the flag high. We are proud of you soldier. May Allah remain pleased with you. 

General Zaheer is a fine officer also MashAllah and a thorough patriot. InshAllah, he will do his duty with courage and dignity also. Nation stands with our ISI and army in these most difficult times when treachery, betrayals and treason are rampant in the highest political and media offices. General Zaheer will land in a hot battle field and will have to move fast and ruthlessly to counter the massive threats gathering from all sides. We pledge all our support and dua to Pak army and ISI in these times of war. We stand shoulder to shoulder, sharing the burden, shedding the blood with our sons and brothers in uniform. 

Let the traitors bark. Nation stands with the army and ISI

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani appointed a new director-general of the country’s powerful spy agency on Friday, according to a statement from the prime minister’s office. “The prime minister has appointed Lieutenant-General Zahirul Islam as the new DG-ISI,” it said, referring to the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Islam, the Karachi Corps commander, takes over from Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, who was appointed in 2008 and is retiring on March 18. The appointment of Islam puts to rest rumours regarding whether Pasha’s tenure would be extended. Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan also showed his concern about the extension of the DG ISI. “PM has no authority to extend Pasha’s tenure,” he said on Thursday. Pasha’s departure is likely to come as a relief to the American intelligence community which had a working, if frosty, relationship with him. That relationship became more difficult after US special forces found and killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a town about a two-hour drive from the ISI’s Islamabad headquarters in May last year. Bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan, by some accounts for up to five years, raised suspicions in Washington that Pakistan’s main spy agency had been doing business with, or sheltering, America’s number one enemy. Sign up for FREEUpdates.