ISSB Five Days Routine of candidate

We are going to cover the five days tests routine and from the day of  arrival of candidate to the departure.
                 Routine Of a candidate at ISSB during his stay at center for five days.
ISSB PAKISTAN prepration

Reporting day:
  (a) Reception.
(b) Checking of documents.View: (What are the Documents Required)
What to bring with you and what are prohibited items.
 (c) Allotment of chest numbers.
(d) Candidates are photographed.
(e) Administration Staff's address
(f) Writing of unforgettable incident on bio data forms.View:(How to fill ISSB bio data forms)
• Opening Address by a Deputy President.
• 1st Testing day: Psychologist's day
  (a) Intelligence Test.
  (b) Psychological Tests.
*Announcement of screening out result
*Remaining Psychological Tests (Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)
• 2nd Testing day: GTO's day
  Indoor Tasks
  Group discussions.
  Group planning.
  Outdoor Tasks
  Progressive group tasks (PGT).
  Half group tasks (HGT).
  Interview {psycologist}
• 3rd Testing day: GTO's day
(a) Individuals obstacles
(b) Command Task.
(c) Final group task.
(d) Mutual assessment
(e) Interview (deputy president)
Day 5
• 4th Testing day: Conference day
(a) Conference.
(b) Re-interview (if required)
(c) Payment of TA/DA
(d) Departure

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