How to use keywords in blogger posts drive traffic

How to use keywords in blogger posts!
Summary: This article is very important for those who are unaware from Keywords optimization and also you teach that how you select most important keywords for your blogger posts and how you apply it according correct rule of Search Engine Optimization

By this useful article you teach that how to select best keywords for your blogger blog for best SEO tips. I think One of the basic thing is to require to consider when you are doing your blogger blog optimization for using of keywords to specify search engine spiders what your posts are about. The more relevant to the page’s content, the better the search engine ranking. I have read lot of programs in this regard and also changed Meta Tags but  Keywords are very important
and also  Keyword optimization is part of  SEO, which means that it is a part of the optimization you will create your blogger blog code and other necessary requirements of keyword optimization.

What you should recognize correct from the begin is that keywords can provide your blogger blog posts to increase in rankings or get your blogger blog top in the result of search engines. It all comes down to how well you are using them and how related they are to your content. In my experience there is no  doubt that you appreciate that how important top keywords are and that you are prepared to create better use of them. Now I describe following main and top points I have researched in my 07 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization.

1. Think about using of keywords related to your article, if the keywords are someway related to each other, that’s a plus like (Internet Promotion of Business, online Promotion of Business, Search Engine Promoting of Business).

2. You should be use different keywords for different blogger posts. In most cases, Search Engines will come back two results from your Blogger Blog , so having five or six posts optimized for the same set of keywords would be a waste of content only.

3. Write your articles and use most important keywords in the title tag specially, but with the right keywords in mind, not the other way. In other case if you are using a SEO plugin, you can set a different page titles for your blogger posts.

4. I thinks this is great idea and good search engines optimization rules that use those keywords in the META description also and this is great way to boost page rank in Search Engines.

5. Try to make your permalink as short as possible and use  keywords in the title of your blogger post blog post and preferably to keywords in the first phrase or paragraph of your article.

6. In my experience search that what your old posts are popular give backlinks of your news posts with your old posts this is great way to boost page rank high also and selected keywords as anchor text (same goes for external incoming links).

7. Do not use duplicate keywords in your META tags use proper placing a list of comma separated keywords in your title tag and META descriptions also. Write something accepted and attractive for your visitors and readers.
8. Do not use keyword stuffing and also avoid from overload keywords to your blogger blog posts. I think is negative  experience and will probably get you penalized by search engines.

9. Keyword optimization is part of a much better and compound procedure of Search engines, select most important keywords and should use most keywords in the starting of your paragraph and end of your posts. Sign up for FREEUpdates.