How to add pictures Side By Side in blogger posts

How to add pictures Side By Side in blogger posts!
Summary: This useful article about adding of pictures side by side in blogger posts is very useful and informative article for new blog owners and want add pictures with sequence and proper according good rule this tutorial is very profitable and drive traffic more

By this useful article you teach that how you add pictures side by side in blogger blog easily.  You are new blogger owner and you are trying to obtain pictures into your blogger posts side-by-side fashion but you did n
ot know about this function how to manage it. There is no option available for some reasons, if you want to add two pictures side by side in blogger blog, you will have to go into the HTML of the post itself, but do not be troubled, it is very simple first you should be get free host of your picture or image through free image hosting service for example and then you will, however, have to do include the new code every time in other words. Now I give you step by step suggestions and tips. 

1. Go to and then open Dashboard and click on the Posting Tab. When you first open the Create Post section, it will automatically be in “Compose mode”. Now click on  HTML mode, you will want to click on the HTML tab, which is right beside the Compose tab. Both of these tabs are on the far right, just above the tool section look with carefully.

2. After that click on the  HTML section and then paste the following code and to replace the "insert your jpg link here" shown in the code with your own link of free hosting image or picture.

<table><tbody><tr><td><img src="insert your jpg link here" border="0" /></a> </p></td> <td><img src="insert your jpg link here" border="0" /></a> </p></td></tr> </tbody></table>
3. When you will insert the image free hosting url in the above code the same code will look like the following see an example.

<table><tbody><tr><td><img src="" border="0" /></a> </p></td> <td><img src="" border="0" /></a> </p></td></tr> </tbody></table>

4. Now you have completed the above function with HTML code, you can check the pictures by clicking on the Compose tab with carefully the result will show your pictures in the posting area side by side you can manage it more pictures to change the some directions in the above code easily. 

5. Now you can write the post of your blogger blog and want to add pictures in HTML section it can be very tricky to navigate the blog post HTML. If  you are not trained with HTML, it can be quite confusing, and accidental errors can make the whole post unreadable, so do yourself a favor and start by inserting pictures  and then composing the posts with carefully.

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